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Was jamming out friday before work with A4/OT/Rev2. Maybe I’ll arrange the pattern to a track at some point.


123bpm minimal house


OT A4 AR P12 Moogs


This little thing is already 2 month old, I just needed some time to get the feeling it’s ready to leave. Made with Rytm and Digitone.


Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


draft of something im working on. its a live jam with post mixing and it is digitakt and moog mother processed thru ableton (i basically set up a quick mix environment with a little sidechain and effects sends an EQ then just jammed and further fine tuned after the fact. im kinda tryna run my hardware all thru ableton thinking of it as more of a modular enviroment i think that is the direction my setup will go. and also small modular hardware rig, the mother is the first piece


Sounds good dude


I have just today released a small album way too long in the works! :happy: An LP version will follow in the autumn, when I get a bit of money together. A side is sort of very droney lo-fi (semi)techno - main beat is Tanzbär and DFAM, bass is Mother32, but lots of stuff from the A4, MM and MD sneaking in as it progresses. (You can’t really hide that lovely metalic MD percussion. :heart:) B side a slow dubby krautrocky shoegazy thing - lot’s of my old instrumental recordings in the mix (organs, violins, prayer bowls) but lots of MM and MD also. Enjoy!


Thanks man, much appreciated!


just dropped a new work.
digital has two techno and two ambient tracks, cassette tape version will have 50 minutes of techno/dub/acid tracks and a couple of ambient pieces.

free download here;



Dub Techno Jam with digitakt and electribe 2.


Bought a DFAM a little while back and have been having tons of fun with it. Here’s a melodic (?) techno jam made with it, plus its friends the 0-coast, Grandmother and Analog 4. The A4 is doing most of the sequencing except the arp-y sequences on the GM, providing all the FX, and adding drums, bass and SFX. It’s just recorded straight out of the stereo outs of the A4 so forgive the mix and a couple of mistakes while playing the GM’s sequencer.


I like the restrained acid bassline on this :slight_smile:


Hi! This tune is made entirely on Analog Rytm. Mastering in Reaper.


that’s really cool, would be nice to hear a bit more about the process!



It’s a simple piece really; there’re 4 basic musical idea and 4 instruments, the ideas swap between the instruments and are transposed in the different sections.
To me it’s like the same shapes are there throughout the track but change colours are it progresses, hence the name.


ISEM and The Octatrack/Digitone combo.


Reminds me a lot of EOD’s stuff. Great work!


Thanks, dude! I aspire to be as good a melody maker as EOD so this compliment really means a lot. :heart: