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A live track made on Digitakt + electribe playing the lead.

Recorded straight to tape


Yay, algorithmic chord progressions. \0.0/

…It’s an experiment of sorts.


I’ve been traveling with just my Digitakt for the past few weeks and really getting to love it, here is my most recent (very novice) effort:


This is my first album, Forgotten Games. Equipment used: Ableton, Peak, Digitakt, Model D, Repro 5/1, various VSTs.

Shortly after releasing this album, I purchased an Octatrack and a Blofeld. The OT is great for performing songs from the ablum, as well as developing new songs. Working on a few right now, and I anticipate my next album will be almost entirely the OT and Blofeld. Thanks for listening!


My Octatrack came Wednesday. I am still the newest of noobs, but this is my first crack at a simple drone.

I am having loads of fun and learning a lot.




With the Digitakt->Dgitone->Analog Heat I had a lot of fun doing this track.
Also included some recording from Asia, this year.


A droney composition with the Digitone, Model:Samples, and Electric Guitar


I’m still experimenting with a hybrid setup. I’m hoping the AU version of OB for Digitakt comes soon. I’ve never gotten much use out of the midi tracks so I’m looking forward to being able to sequence some VSTs.


This is awesome.


One from me, AR mk2 on this one. Synths are OB-6 and FS1R.

Overbridge 2 was in effect, worked great… once I set up all the annoying routing.



live set recording, 100% octa with a t-resonator as send fx

I’m pretty satisfied by how it came out but I feel I still have to work on the transitions, any advice on how to make them smoother?
any feedback welcome


OP-Z + V-Machine jam


‚Are we lost?‘ New #ambient #electro #exploration Refined my #midi setup. I can now sequence the #piano :musical_keyboard: from the #keystep and the #prophet6 too. Main sequencer is the #digitone :smoking: Routing is done via an old #iphone :iphone: running #audiobus through my trusty old #iconnectaudio4plus Works pretty great so far. #op1 only playing back tape with some vocals :vhs:. Also running here a sequence on the #0coast I just found the 2 #lfo ´s in this sweetheart :golf:. And its awesome. Bread :baguette_bread: and butter comes from #opz #dfam and #mother32 Also in the back the greatest #ploymoon #delay and #mercury7 #reverb tanks.


Just for fun, MD and A4 running one pattern each one, and jamming around. Some kind of IDM, funk, ambient, acid stuff…

Recommended listen with earphones for subbass.


Latest track done in ableton with mainly samples and some Omnisphere, probably my best song yet :slight_smile:

It´s techno.


Hey elektronauts

Digitakt only, recorded live to tape


Long minimalist thing:


Did a new jam last Friday night with my friends. Hope you enjoy…

Featuring: moog mother32, dfam, makenoise 0coast, elektron digitone, sequential prophet6, teenage engineering opz, meris mercury7, polymoon

Video here:


ace, like it lots