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I managed to get the Digitakt to play nice with my 7/4 hip hop beat :sweat_smile:

Also on the Media section of Elektronauts:


some years ago but i think still nice tune :wink:


A recent set I did to open up for a few crazy good singer/songwriters.

It’s all sampled from city pop tracks from from mid-70s to early 90s. Extra points for naming the tracks.



I’m only 4 minutes in but this sounds awesome, love the vibe and great sound overall, perfect for a sunday morning!

Here are 2 new ambient tracks, I’m really happy with the first one, it was done using the tape loop technique that Loopop showcased a few weeks ago :

Digitakt only but heavy use of the MIDI loopback for extra stuff


Recorded while rewiring the studio patchbay to configure different delay effect (EHX Memory Boy > BugBrand PT Delay [> MS-20 Resonator FX loop] > mixer Lexicon reverb > Bastl Thyme) routings - it’s all Waldorf Rocket or Kaossilator-based in some form or another at heart, as earlier test runs with an Analog 4 were less dynamic.



New liquid drum n bass tune:




The “Love” track is great. Where are the samples from?


Knock knock :slight_smile:


Thank you! The first track was made with loops from my Volca FM and guitar samples I recorded for the occasion (you can grab them here if you’re interested, they’re free to use :slight_smile:). The howling wolves are from this awesome Sound Library from the Yellowstone National Park, all sounds are free to use as well, which is crazy<3

For the “Love” track I recorded 8 chords from my guitar and I heavily edited the whole thing in Pro Tools. I removed all the attacks and kinda morphed the chords together with crossfades, you can have listen below :

The whole track was made using this single sample. (It’s also free to use!)


Little pop ditty…


Really great and lovely stuff.



A little Digitakt on this one. But mostly Pro 2, MC-202, 0-Coast and DFAM. And tons of reverb and over drive :smile:



Saw this on Instagram - really enjoyed


Thanks Gav, been following your stuff as well :ok_hand:t3:


Here’s some of mine: (machinedrum + monomachine + ableton 10) and (A4 + digitakt)

got some potato quality video also