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ak + sample rhodes (soniccouture)


for the first couple- a mega good result :slight_smile: love the dystopical athmosphere in it.


Thanks! Appreciate that.


New Techno EP out 25/3 on Street Life Rhythm.


The first track (Arrival) seems like it would go well with some Ghost in the Machine tracks like “Fire Drill”


I just had my first music released on Spotify (and other streaming platforms of choice) today and it feels pretty good. Anyone can do it these days but still :slight_smile: Elektron-wise, there’s some Digitakt in the drums in both tracks but al in all it’s a hodgepodge of different hardware + software combinations :slight_smile:

edit: Account required to listen unfortunately. Apologies.


You do know you need an account in order to even listen to that track or It won’t let you passed the forced log in or create account screen?


wow, powerful sound and great visuals


A track I made octatrack is heavily used in it.


Eh… I do know now :stuck_out_tongue: I wasn’t aware that the free version made you sign up as well. My apologies.


New one up on bandcamp:


Thanks a lot!!


A track I knocked up on the Octatrack and Digitakt.

1000 sound pack for Digitakt?

My very first track without a computer. OT, Gaia, Tr-8


Genre: Downbeat?

Drums: Rytm
Pads: Digitone
Melo: Mother 32


really nice, clean mix


131bpm techno



Nice! Has a kind of Carbon Based Lifeforms feel to it.


First internet upload, ever!!!

Had a lot of fun putting this one together. Drums from MD (lots of LFOs), MnM SID on the strange sparse pads and Morphagene doing its thing on recorded MnM patch for the ringing drone.