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Borderlands iOS app & Cocoquantus


This is a chill dub techno jam that spawned from messing around with a hybrid setup.

Gear used in this session:
Access Virus B - Pads, FX noise thing
Elektron Digitakt - Filtered chord stab
Elektron Digitone - Subdued chord melody, deep bass note
Korg Volca Bass - Chord stab Behringer D - Bassline
Roland TR-8 - drums
Ableton Live - mixing, some reverb, delay Valhalla Shimmer, VintageVerb, vocal sample

Nothing on master for post. Quick and dirty mix.

Thanks for listening!!


Two GusGus (Iceland Band) reworks:


This is great, really like the halftime feel that still sounds D&B (rather than Dubstep)…

A friend and I used to make tunes in the early 2000’s as Substrata. Came across this one on YT today. Funny how distorted it sounds now, back then we had a “let’s run everything through a Sherman Filterbank and see how that sounds” approach and no proper mastering.


iPad session - Borderlands, Aparillo and Fugue Machine


AK only techno drone (I had to sell my tanzbar so I’m playing with the idea of an AK only set)


These are my latest.


Not sure if this will be to people’s taste around here. But it is mostly made up of A4mkII and digitone. I need to clean up the outro it’s a little too long.


hmm, happens when its late :wink:



Here’s how I spent my Sunday. :blush:


Hello guys & gals, this is my first post here and first beat on the Model:Samples -


Just finished recording this. Continue pushing myself (and OT) to see what’s possible to create from very little source material. Used just one short guitar sample this time.




I recorded a techno track this morning. Feat. all my Elektrons and the modular system.


Nice! I didn’t realize this was you. Love all your sets!


Thank you!


New remix I made for a fellow down in the states.


be polite, first couple of days with those two


Some glitchy, slightly mellow noise. Enjoy!