Share your tunes


oh yeah! Like this. I am also hardware addicted and prefer to do stuff without software support. Anyway I use ableton for mastering my stuff… The digitone— I’m so in love with it. Me and some friends made aan ambient record for a friends birthday. Here’s one I made with DT only:


Yah sounds like a DT alright. Very dense mood. The voice samples though weren’t done on the DT no? (:


No the Voice sample is just wav files from a friend. He recorded it only with a shitty headset, so you can hear the mouse clicking sometimes :slight_smile:


Oh this is a great tune!!! Reminds me on lots of great works from BOC or Plaid…:slight_smile: more please!


Thanks a lot for the compliment :slight_smile: It’s interesting, the Plaid comparison came up quite a few times. I only really now Reachy Prints by them, but I love it. Should listen to some more albums.


Here I am! Hope you enjoy it. If not feel free to leave any advice :sunny:




Little impro live jam with a friend one week ago… Thanks for sharing and commenting


Roland Alpha Juno 2
Analog 4
… some Effects


Very nice!


Not sure where this one falls in term of genre. Electronica, ambient, glitch? Or not. :slight_smile:
All sounds designed on DN. Very versatile synth, albeit hard to master.


Here’s my new one, it’s somewhere between house and techno I think. Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

Digitakt on percussion and U-He Diva for most of the other sounds.



Here’s a new jam I put together while writing a new live set.

I also used my MD, SP303, and some fun with Izotope’s vocal synth in this. Composed and mixed in Ableton:


FFU nice! Some of my friends in Seattle are members.



mainly live - all hardware - mix of twenty songs i made throughout 2018, either with friends or by myself.

done with many elektrons (octa, digi, heat, drive) and many others (space echo, 606, sh-09, mc-202, odyssey, abyss, poly-800, guitar, casios and casios etc…). i hope you find something you like! twas fun making and compiling it



Right on! I just joined the crew last year, totally digging the vibe of it. Curios who you know. I’ve met a handful of those guys a few years back.


Hey! I really like this. Very upbeat and could skip to it.


a skit. all done in studio one. mellotron and presence XT for instrumentation.


tight set, thx for sharing. (: