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New track, new video🙃


Sounds good dude. What effects is the crossfader doing?


Scene 16 = lowpass filter and reverb on a drum track
Scene 15 = Retriggers on the glitch sounds with decreasing retrigger time
Scene 14 = Delay on the glitches with decreasing delay time and increasing send and feedback


Well that was fun!


Odd action with filters, but I enjoyed doing it


a track from my upcoming record. psychedelic folk


Thx Cepheid!
You’re right I think, but since it’s a jam It’d be propably a pretty different track if I record another performance. ((:


Thx for the kind words guys (and gals? (: )!


Sounds fine to me. I think your audience can’t possibly as obsessed about a clean master than the artist. They don’t give a shit if the tune kills. (;


quick chillout doodle, DT just for drum tracks (I have couple midi tracks for DN there, but didn’t use them in this version)


Thank you :slight_smile:
Short version:
Lots of sampling youtube synth demos, editing samples and creating “sound palettes” which I chuck in the DT and work with. Extensive use of long evolving pad and chord samples with Lfo > sample start. I start with some random trigs, reverb and delay and things start sounding very nice already. I keep adding layers, mindful of keeping things syncopated and in key, but rarely use up all 8 audio tracks. Getting reverb, delay and compressor settings just right takes a while but pays off in a big way for overall sound.
I mostly bounce 1 take, but sometimes will bounce 2 or more parts down to arrange in Logic. A bit of compression on master and thats it.


We just released this. Synths in this are (if I recall) Prophet 6, Matrix 1000, and possibly a bit of Sub 37. Tonnes of guitar too.


Digitakt into OT, both resampled and thru :slight_smile: Also, my cat telling me to end the track around min. 4…


Very good! Great track. It reminds me of some of the cool songs in GTA 5’s Radio Mirror Park :smiley:


That’s a big compliment, thanks! Funnily enough, I found some of my favourite music through that. Kauf is now a desert island artist for me, and I’m also a big fan of the Yeasayer stuff from that era.

We’ve a whole album prior to this track if you’re interested - it’s on Spotify/ iTunes etc etc. It’s called “Hold Your Forked Tongue”.


I listened to the whole album driving to and from work today; lovin’ it! Reminds me of bands like Tears for Fears, I really like the vibe. Will you be touring, I’d love to see you guys live!


i’ll gladly take TFF, thanks! We kinda half stopped playing live for a while… but that being said, we’re playing Handmade Festival on May 5th as somewhat of a relaunch; a different approach to playing live, the Octatrack will now sit centre controlling some live synths and replacing a laptop and such. I still need to programme it all! We’ll see how well that goes :smiley:


1st experiment on Volca Modular - Ring mod patch that adds feedback from Space out. Additionally, added some polyrhythmic elements by modulating the ratio and fold using clock divisions. Recorded into Ableton Live with no processing or FX. Mastered in Ozone.


Hey!!! What kind of tools do you use?
I was also watching your soundcloud account a bit.
Grüße nach Österreich :slight_smile:


My stuff? On the hardware side it’s a Deluge and a Digitone, as for software believe it or not it’s just vcv-rack. I don’t really arrange stuff, and emphatically dislike Ableton and other piano roll daws. I just record live jams with Audacity and brush em up ever so slightly before uploading them. (:

Enough about me, show me your tunes Dauna, its your turn lol. :sunny: