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Nice work!


AK + VCV Rack


latest jam with digitakt + digitone


One of my favorite tracks I did for #Jamuary
Never posted all of them on here, so feel free to check my YouTube channel out and listen to them all! Enjoy



First Run with the new Cyclone Analogic TT-606! Tried to make a cool little track here, but was really just getting used to the new drum machine. Loving the hi hats on this thing. Enjoy!


First track on my new OT mk1. Super excited about all the weird things I can do with it… haven’t even started with sampling or live looping and already so much fun. Hope you enjoy!


Nice jam!


Song from my latest EP made entirely from sampled electromagnetic interference picked up with an induction coil on my train and tube journey across London to work…


My debut album which came out last December. I’ve mostly used a Monomachine (big up for its 3 LFOs) plus some eurorack bits.

Hope you like it!


Great soundscapes. Care to walk trough your workflow?


phew, pretty awesome




Reminds me of “Goodbye Seventies”.


This is great, reminds me of Matt Atten’s stuff.

How exactly do you set up record the induction coil on a train? Sounds interesting.


in this case just one of these;

attached to a Zoom recorder. Apparently they have some kind of limiter on (I imagine just a capacitor or something) that you can remove. What I’m going to do next is build one of these though!




Lots of Digitone and Analog Four ambient goodness ^^


Here’s one I made last year. Primary with the electron Machinedrum and a little help from the Korg Minilogue.
Not the best production as my knowledge of mastering tracks was not that good at this time but maybe a cute track.


Liking this track a lot! I was expecting some 1/16th hihats to kick in around 3:00 minutes, but I’m not upset. :blush: