Share your tunes


Yeah, sr is cool box of patches:wink:
For vocal and different samples that I record from 80th movies(I do sample a lot of everything) :relaxed:I use Akai s1100


mostly tracked live from digitakt and moog mother into ableton with dialogue samples added later


Made an album out of some of my jamuary2019 sessions.



Here is a mix of some of my latest original tunes… dub heavy, bass driven breakbeats.


And since I have been home recovering from surgery I made a bandcamp page for some of the tunes I have made in the past month:


pretty sweet man!
really like Came Back

you do any live in Whis?


Here’s some first world totally analog synth doom metal))
drums - a4 with lex 300
bass - minitaur reamped through sunn and aguilar amps (and sustained piano reverb with overheads)
guitar - little phatty through same amps
keys - a4
only crush is real


Thanks man that means a lot.

I am a part time DJ (a few times a month) but have yet to play out live with my synths/drum machines. This spring I think I will try set one up at a local club and invite some friends up from Vancouver to also play live.

Here is a short video from the Shambhala Music Fest a few years back:


those tunes you did would go GREAT in a Stump flick [he did a bunch of ski movies, ended up in Whistler]. I used to hang with him at Tommy Africa’s [if thats still there].
I was there 89 - 96.

you tunes SO fit the vibe up there. I think you’d do well to play some of yer tracks.

in Van I knew a guy who owned Sonar, dunno if thats there anymore either. I think your stuff would play well there too.

keep it up man. yer stuffs hitting like a spiked bat!


I have been playing at Tommys for many years and it just got renovated. Sonar was a fun spot but does not exist anymore… saw some great shows there from DJ Krush to LTJ Bookum to Grooverider.


Ya…saw Bukem there a couple times too!
Keep it up! Good trax.


Some melodic techno:

Kick = Digitone
Perc = Rytm
Melo = A4
Low Pad = Minilogue
High Pad = Blofeld
"Acid"Sound = Mother 32


2007 acid jams on cassette tape out now on the resplendent Acid Waxa

and here’s some recent acid (2015) to wet your whistle


Floating on Smoke, Starring in Mirrors



Just doing some different stuff to work up to the Octatrack science lab. Synth and drums from A4, then sampled into the Octatrack. Recorded bass guitar and vocals into the OT. Was fun to arrange the vocals and try stuff



New album made from start to finish on Garageband iPhone. Plugins: Moog Model 15, Icegear Redshrike, Ruismaker FM, EOS reverb and Lo-fly Dirt. Mastered with Grand Finale IOS.
Full album at


New ambient project DT only.



My first track recorded with OB. All DT + Moog Grandmother synth details. Full track segments passed through the AH also using OB.