Share your tunes


Man I’m down to listen one my first cds I bought was dizzie rascal boy in the corner… that was my ish back in the day


Always looking for feedback:)
I’m Riddim Fernandez on bandcamp.


Nice chunky bass and drone.
Got a heads down vibe, I like it.
What did you make the bass with?


Like the arp’d madness and snare.
Drums made on digitone?


Iirc it’s a serum preset of some sorts with a shit ton of fx on it


Tanzbar techno through AK drive/filter. I doubled the bpm to 266 to have more resolution.


Just the synth. Never really used it for drum tracks yet.


Here’s my latest effort … sort of Mr. Oizo-ish noisy techno/electronic.

Mastered by Wayne @ Obsessed Audio (

Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:


Sunday morning sample flipping


Not giving a toss about the Super Bowl. Instead I finished this track. Did a remix of a SZA song. Made it a house beat.


digitakt for drums and sample, arped m4L august synth, lead is moog mother, bass is an 808 sample

really working on developing more intricate consolidated live environments using ableton as the brain and effects rack





loved those!


well, that’s me, I’m Disco:


Just made a compilation with a lot of tracks I’ve accumulated over the years:


Here’s a brand new release on Menk! Recordings.


It features the OT2 along with a Buchla Music Easel, Cocoquantus 2 and field recordings from remote coastal locations.

Enjoy x


These and your more recent Soundcloud tracks are SO good. What synths/samplers do you use?


Hei, thanks, glad you Iike those. :grinning:
It may sound wierd, but my main setup is MD mk2 UW, virus C and wavestation sr.
I am MD fan :slight_smile: and I use it’s sampling/resaming ability all the time to create ambient percussion and more :stuck_out_tongue:


SR nice… could totally here some 90s rompler action in there but wasn’t sure what it was. Your pads and vocal sounds are super on point.