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One more new jam in an attempt to learn the A4. All sounds from A4…buncha 90’s chill, Merlot sipping bullshit if you ask me, but the synth sounds nice :slight_smile:


Sampled Digitone track.


Man, I love this A4 so much! What an amazing box. Trying to get some cinematic stuff licensed for tv/film. Going for creepy and off kilter here. All A4mkii


Almost perfect grooves to my taste! Also those rides are neat, I aint reached this tightness on my rytm yet


Finally got the A4 and Overbridge 2.0 set up. Fired up Ableton, dialed in this sweet PWM sound and recorded a few classic sounding sequences.


Sounds awesome! Just got an A4 a few days ago, so not even thinking about OB til I learn it better, but that clip is inspiring!


Another A4mkii jam


So after quite some time (hehe) I´ve turned this into a “hip hop” track instead.

Found a acapella of OG Bobby Johnson and reworked the old song after it. Pretty satisfied with the result!

Would be fun to hear some thoughts about the transformation from the dub techno track into this one, which one do you prefer?


I’d say you are catching on fast, nice tunes! Keep em coming


#Jamuary2019 minimal techno on Analog Four


That’s very kind of you to say…thanks!
Honestly, while I’m learning, the A4 has been mostly a glorified sound module that I sequence from my Octatrack. But as sound modules go, it’s a really nice one :slight_smile:
It seems like the A4 is the least talked about Elektron box, but I’m so glad I got one. Just love that thing


Really great track! Think about so called ‘minimal’ techno, or anything else is, the fewer elements you use, the more critical each element becomes. You get that for sure. Thanks for sharing!


Lots of good tracks in here. If I didn’t know any better, I might as well have been browsing new releases on Boomkat! Seriously, fuck that semi-famous shit, you all making some killer tracks! :slight_smile:


Last one for the day, going outside now to enjoy the sunny day! Thanks for listening, good fun with the A4 this morning.



This is massive. Fantastic work to my ears


Super good!
J Dilla esque man, really like it.

Do you have any tracks or albums out in this style? I’d love to listen n support.


Thanks man I’m on all streaming platforms as Tarikh Mizan. Check my Bandcamp for a walk down my production rabbit hole and check

My latest beat tape. Some more tracks like this.


Also thanks for the reply. I’m currently working on a new tape for feb… just trying to improve and get my name out there


Will do.
I’m on bandcamp too but my stuff is more like grime meets half time jungle.