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I’m recovering from surgery as I broke my ankle super badly snowboarding… so I set up a bandcamp page and called the first song BROKEN!


Hi all,

My first finished(?ish) track made with my lovely new (to me) ARMKii…

This little machine feels like a game changer for me.




Drums and other bits are the Rytm, the rest is software and Ableton


digitakt and moog mother 32 tracked live into ableton with ableton effects sends. using the overbridge beta


My little acid machine…:robot::space_invader:


Made a little diddy for people having a bad time on methamphetamines.


Not sure why I’ve been on the circus music kick lately, but…


yooo i was wondering whenn ppl gonna do live glitch/dubby stuff w elektron stuff.


Some more music. I’m really trying to make my stuff more relevant :nerd_face:


Nice! Always fancied a Leploop, not sure how easy it is to get your head around it though!


good stuff!


nice production!


It is a bit strange at first, but with time you understand it.
The builder is my friend, he explained to me how it works.
It has a nice sound. An acid sound. :alien:


Thanks you! :slight_smile:


My first ever synth track :slight_smile:

Still many things to improve, but having fun!


nice stuff !!


1st one only with the ar :palm_tree::coconut:




First jam on my new (to me) A4mkii. Still have a whole lot to learn on this machine, but I really love it so far


Thank you! I’m torn between love and hate on all my music :slight_smile: It was a fun experiment digging deeper with the Octatrack sequencer. I’m getting better at using the OT, but got an A4mkii a couple days ago. Will be in the rabbit hole for awhile trying to master these two!