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unmastered cut from a track I’m working on

not sure if the bass will translate to small speakers at this stage in the mix


Thanks, keep n sharing the :heart:


My Reaktor groove box has reached new heights of groovy. Only a bit of eq and limiting after the jam.

edit for redone 2nd half
2nd edit: even more reworked second half


Soo, I recently did kind of a makeover on my gear table…

tried to have a 2 parts - setup, one which is a laptop and an ableton live 10 suite license with all the bells and whistles to create tracks with a start, a middle and an end to it. This was the most difficult part in working OTB.

For OTB jamming / live thingies I got myself an erica synths techno system and a lyra 8 and well… this is the result :slight_smile:

Lyra 8 for the drones, techno system for all percussion and bassline, rytm mk2 for the swishes and swooshes…

Erica Synths Techno System

Sounds like you released Destroyer of Worlds!!! Good show!!!


#Jamuary2019 OP1 lofi beat mixtape


I love this show.


All constrictive criticism gratefully received


Just put out an album! Give it a listen and let me know what you think.


“just” being almost 4 years ago?


Berlin-school in a modern context:

Dark Ambient:

Both feature Elektron heavily.


Lol been a long time coming. I’m just now putting it out to finally set them free and stop procrastinating. They range from 2013 - 2015. It’s new to anyone who hasn’t listened so what’s the difference?


A track I released for my Ableton One Thing called Won Ting, it’s a self-sample track.
No Elektron gear but it’s in the background of the video.


Do you know how hard it is to recork champagne?


With an Elektronauts cork? Nearly impossible. I’ll take all the chances I can muster up though.


Little Downtempo Live Set i played yesterday with AR and A4 and Roland Se-02


Didn’t want to clog up the OP-Z thread any longer with my little shitty ditties so here we go.

Just back from a short stay at Trump Turnberry down the coast in Ayrshire. Can’t stand the man but he sure knows how to make a classy hotel. And the views! Stunning. Anyway, took my OPZ with me and sat watching the sea and the surreal Aisla Craig (where most curling stones are made - hence the title!).

Anyway, I’m still dog shit with the OPZ’s punch in FX and all three tracks have very similar structures but they are only really meant to be little shorts as I learn this thing.

2nd short starts about 3 mins in and the 3rd about 5:40 in.

Oh, also did this one while watching the Wild Card games in the NFL a short while back. Nothing special but at least I’m getting productive!


Live dub w/ OT, getting back into using SC to promo upcoming releases after a long hiatus.
So this one I felt gets right to the point and sets the stage for other stuff that gets more jammy and experimental.


Swedish melancholic 113 bpm acid house.


never seen this before, but my little tune does sound very similar :smiley:
the show looks pretty funny, got to check it out soon!