Share your tunes


hello :slight_smile:

my first track of the year with OT-AR-AK ( rec live )


Droning on into 2019.





Thank you! :slight_smile: (And bring on the noisy droney stuff!)


Hello together!


New lofi digitakt beats


Great stuff. I see you’re based in CPH. Do you have any upcoming gigs planned?


Here’s my first self-released album. Enjoy! :ghost::space_invader::fire::ok_man:


Thank you! :slight_smile: And sadly nothing planned at the moment - I’ll give you a shout, if something shows up…


Posted already, but fits better in this thread… First tune in 2019


Just finished another ambient track.
I mainly used the analog four for this track.
Besides the analog four i used MFB522, Waldorf Blofeld(only one note)
Effects: Strymon Timeline, Strymon Bigsky.

Hope you enjoy the track.
I did the mixdown in 5 mins and might improve that when i have more time.


I don’t think I’ve ever shared this one.

I was sitting having a little beverage and watching rain man as this song played so thought I’d do a quick cover with an accapella I found. Short, sweet and silly :slight_smile:




Hi Elektronauts.

Would like to share with you a digitakt/electribe 2 jam. Recorded straight to Zoom H5.

I used electribe to play bass and some aditional HiHats. The rest is digitakt.

I have to work on my mixing within digitakt. Once I get to my PC, Ill try to multitrack each track separately and mix it in DAW. Any feedback is welcome.

Hope you like it.


Track for a fashion show that happened on Sunday.

RYTM used as a basic sampler.


here is a track I did on a volca sample that somehow is one of my favorites that I did despite not using all my expensive gear.


started a new little project


First track I’ve made with the OT. Used it in tandem with DT and Neutron.