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Thank you @Snipecatcher ! I based this jam from the first chapter in a book called Neuromancer. It’s basically where Ghost in the Shell got there ideas from… which in turn gave the Matrix dudes their inspiration. It’s a fantastic book!

I wonder how the sub sounded to you? It sounded great in my room but I am using a room that is trrrible for acoustics really.
Anyway, just put some plugs on the master stereo file once I got it into Logic.

Glad you enjoyed!

The main thing… it was fun!


AI read that book many years ago and loved that too :slight_smile:
Low end sounded nice to me. Thanks again!


Digitakt and Digitone :ghost::space_invader::ghost::space_invader:


Hi everyone.

My first post here.

Digitakt and Korg electribe 2 Jam recorded on Fostex 280



I loved the whole of this. I could picture it at the beginning of a very groovy DJ set on Boiler Room. I particular liked just after 4 minutes when the lead starts to wash into the background with delay and reverb. Then the subtle vox come in, then the other lead line, ahhhhh I’m proper chilling in my bed with a cuppa.

Thank you @Underline


great track love it!


Nice percussion work on this one, bravo.


(some rytm drums)


Digitakt and Electribe 2 Jam recorded to Zoom H5

Electribe 2 playing bass and string. The rest is Digitakt


Happy New Year gang. One fresh from the pot.


ringing in the new year by experimenting with my new(ish) rev2! all sounds from it except the drums, which I threw together in ableton and then added some fx on top


Nice! I really like the combination of sounds here. Enjoy the Rev2! (I love mine.)


thank you! I’ve been really enjoying it, not just the sounds but the ease of use…it’s a great first ‘real’ / hardware synth.


fell (dove) down the modular hole, after acquring a 0-coast last year. this is my first attempt at a proper “beat”, using Pamela’s New Workout, along with some Noise Engineering devices.


trippy! nice visuals too :slight_smile:




:fire: :ok_man: :ok_woman:


An older track that I just now made public. Made with the MD and MnM(goodness I miss that machine). Chill and repetitive with subtle growing.


Here’s a track I made over the course of New Years Eve and New Years using the Ocatrack, Pro 2, Boog Model D and Make Noise System Cartesian. My girlfriend is an abstract artist and she had been teasing me that she put out a bunch of paintings in December while I just noodled on my modular lol. So I gave myself a two day deadline and made this track so she could paint while listening to it. Enjoy.


In December I played my first Elektron-only live set - A4, OT and MD. It was a nice surround-set up in a former church, so I made something very droney. (Stereo only, though.) This is a rework of the piece, with a bit of added stuff from Mother32 and Tanzbär. 40 minutes of murky auditory escape from the cold cold scandinavian winter…