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Analog Four
Dark Energy I


I recently released a split album with a friend of mine. It’s our tribute to the electronic and industrial music of the late 80s and early 90s. Here’s my half of it on Soundcloud:

You can also listen to the whole thing in Bandcamp:


Gone Too Far

My latest effort, lots of in the box on this one with some Digitakt percussion.

Mastered by Wayne @ Obsessed Audio (

Thanks for listening, feedback always welcome. :slight_smile:




Lovely track!


Crushing it on the Rytm.


happy xmas alltogether :slight_smile:


Finished playing a new indie game called Gris. The music by Berlinist in it is amazing, got some inspiration and wrote this.


Hey thanks!


Very nice Locked Groove :wink: I like that … atmosphere are very nice
01 is very cool, 02 my favorite - 03 is the last one to my taste but we don’t care :slight_smile:


thanks :slight_smile:


This is an ambient track that i made with my analog four recently.

Hope you enjoy the track.


Older track of mine coming out on UKR




I’m becoming more of a fan of your music all the time. You have your own style for sure!


thank you so much! glad you like the music. And likewise, ive heard so much good and unique music with so many different styles here, happy we have a place to share stuff.


First jam with two OT’s


All Analog Heat.


Happy holidays everyone! :night_with_stars::stars:


Just listened to this twice…what a great arrangement you did! In the first 20 seconds or so, I was honestly not expecting to like it because of a few elements, but it just kept getting better and more interesting as it went along. Really enjoyed this a great deal!