Share your tunes


Lets talk again in the beginning of 2019 on that collaboration thing in PM




monotonous armkii, a4mkii, pulse2…


Finished this track and put together some video for it. Hip hop’ish, been listening to Nujabes.


Made a new jam:

The OP-Z has some smooth bass, so the mother32 can climb into higher frequencies. I like that. OT is the master.


Chilled beats with Rytm and a little improvisation with A4.


Banging the boxes




A few recent recordings


Another live recording made with Octatrack, Sub37, 0-coast, A4 and op-1.
It turns out to be very contemplative.
Enjoy and thanks for listening.


Love this track…great job!


Thank you so much, I’m so pleased you like it.


my last track, live recording with octatrack, analog rytm, analog four, Tb 03 and my wife’s voice for the atmosphere. I hope you like it :slight_smile:


Dont usually play with too much dirt/saturation. Inspired by Fez soundtrack.


Hello together😀
Love this thread. Here is little something from my other project😉


(100% Analog rytm on this)


Currently working on my next project, so I decided to post a quick little jam I did today. It’s all one take, with live recording and muting / un-muting tracks. Equipment used was Digitone, Machinedrum, and Access Virus C for the chord pad towards the end. Enjoy!


My latest one, Digitakt on drums/samples, Analog 4 is sequencing the 0-coast, adding FX, and also provides the string sounds in the second half of the track (bass is from the AS-1, chords from Micromonsta)


lovely stuff! :slight_smile:


Thanks very much!