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@renox We are using the Dsubs however when we are starting a new set of gigs in 2019 we will use the RCA connectors as it’s easy to carry an extra set of RCA cables compared to an extra Dsub. Dsubs can be kind of fragile so the RCA route for us is safer for any sort of touring as an extra set of RCA cables is small and light.


ok I see…thanks , i appreciate!


Here’s some of my recent techno tracks



Me messing storied on my digitakt


Most recent electro experiment with a ‘live’ setup of Monomachine + SH01A + TR8S + Heat, plus a couple of Boss pedals and an FMR RNC. Very lightly breathed on with Ozone.


Delving in to some of the FM functionality on A4 mkii, drums on Rytm mkii


Recent Hip hop track I made, enjoy!


here are a couple of tracks from my upcoming ep, with glitchy visual madness I made in resolume

I’ll drop a free download link for you as soon as all the tracks are released (:


I just released a new single that comes with a cool animated music video done by an artist called dataerase. Turn off the lights, put on the headphones and dive into the world of 2033!

You can listen to it also on Soundcloud and bandcamp:


For now that’s my favorites of what we made under “MindReaders” (done with a friend, who manages the label with me)
But those favorites are signed on other label records (not ours). Next time I post in this thread will be TeKiNovah Tracks (me alone and more Detroit electro - techno and cosmic jazz)

Those are released under our label records :


Nice production!


Thanks Donovan


That’s really well put together…love


I skipped the Christmas challenge, but somehow this latest jam came out a bit…Christmasy :slight_smile:
First attempt at writing in 12/8 that I can think of


Those tracks sound great dude.


Thanks Riddim !


Like your sounds Man ! Very good




Diggin the 12/8 when it comes in!


Thanks man! I’d love to collaborate with you sometime and make something kind of deeper but harder!