Share your tunes


Loving the vibes on this. Taking me back to the good old days!

I made a tune recently and someone told me it sounded like “Evil 90’s Rave” I was touched. Check it out on my soundcloud. I just started following you :wink:


I’ve no idea what genre this is but I just jammed and recorded it last night. L1 and an EQ on Master and that is is. All live.

A lot of fun.


Much Thanks! Your stuff does have a pretty modern-rave feel. Nice stuff!


Some boom bap using DN for pads and DT for perc.


Thanks. The two jams on this page I don’t really know what to call them.
This is the evil rave vibe number :wink:



A rather distorted, dub affair; inspired by JK Flesh latest album as well as the almighty Mike Harris/Scorn :

Fully Eurorack with a layer of Lyra 8. Percussions are a mix and match of Erica, WMD drum modules and DFAM. Burned down by the Heat. Played and recorded live.


@ Renox - Really love your video.


I don’t especially gravitate toward boom bap. Don’t dislike it, just don’t really care one way or the other. What I do consistently like is your music in general. Great compositional sense, spatial sense and original character. Thanks for posting your tunes. Always enjoy them!


“Prometheus” is our fourth Studio Sessions video. We used our core live set up consisting of an Elektron Analog 4, Analog Keys, OB6, Analog Rytm, and Octatrack, mixed through a PLAYdifferently MODEL1.

Effects are using the Eventide H9s and the internal effects of the Elektron boxes.

The output of the MODEL1 mixer was jacked into our Rockrupel Comp and Elysia Museq for some glue and extra juiciness.

We captured into Reaper at 96Khz and did some final limiting with a FabFilter Pro-L.


Thank you! have enjoyed listening to everyone else around here too, lots of inspiration to take. Just glad we can share some music!


thanks a lot mate. :slight_smile:


Recent ambient livejam, experimenting with Steve Reich’s phasing technique.


Really nice tune !


Hip hop beats, mainly samples, used a bit of DT but mostly Ableton.


Good stuff.
Hey how is the model 1? Worthy?
Specially interested to know about the sound.
Keep doing this guys.


acoustic triggers and pads from the spd sx triggering the AR and the Toraiz as 1.
vocal samples triggered by the nanokey studio
Pedja (the drummer) is the only running sequencer


Thanks mate I’m glad you like it!!


@Renox1 The sound especially the filters on the Model1 are super sweet. We were never into DJ mixers especially in a studio environment but the Model1 changed all that.

We bought it on faith and were absolutely blown away by the sound. Granted, it’s not an SSL or Neve but man, does it sound good and it’s a blast to work on it. It’s the first “DJ mixer” that I think tries to bridge the gap between a studio console and a DJ mixer.

We actually did several fashion film soundtracks where we jammed the soundtracks as a live performance.

I just wished they made a 12 track version so we could plug in more gear otherwise we will have to buy a second unit!!


thanks for your feedback !..i think im on the same boat as you were…im glad to hear this , im thinking about getting one and go all in. Are you using the line RCA connections or the DSUB to use it balanced?
Btw…: Im feeling what your doing… videos and music… yeah …its good stuff