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Made some very dark ambient music today.


made this just now. sold and rearranged and now my whole setup is a digitakt and a prophet rev2 i just got. this was a simple beat sequencing a slightly modified prophet preset, and then me messing with the filter around 1m out of the 2m song. still learning both machines but i love them!





live jam on tanzbar and analog keys. tech/acid/psyhedelic + valhalla on the pads


A song I just finished for my band. Psychedelic folk/rock


“made with reason”


This thread is a great idea!

I’ve posted before in the Music section when we have released music that was done exclusively with the Elektrons but it seems that everyone is more interested in discussing tech than actually creating/showing what their skills are with the boxes!

So props to the OP for starting this thread.

Here’s our latest Studio Session video “The Journey” that we just posted on Youtube.

For this live jam, we kept it minimal and basic - a drum groove, a vocal hook, and a synth line. Gear used: Elektron Trinity consisting of a Machinedrum, an Analog Rytm, and an Octatrack mixed through a PlayDifferently Model1 mixer.

Headphones or proper speakers are highly recommened for maximum groove!! :grin:


Just a looping house track with a fun bassline.

Digitakt (backbeat, chords, vox samples), DSI Evolver (baseline), Tr8 (rhythm), Deco and Blue Sky (sends), FMR RNC (drum bus)


Ventured out of my cave to share this one here as I’m pretty proud of it

It’s a dark moody piece with coverage of the Hindenburg disaster overlaid


Made a track on the Rytm mk2 :wink:

what you here is what i got out of the machine recording one time.
Should be 3-4 Patterns all with different scenes and performance modes.

Hope you like it :wink:
Let me know your ideas on how to improve this! since im working on a live set :smiley:




It’s really a lovely track, so that’s a great start!

What did you record it to? Are any of the bits separated or is it a stereo recording?


Recorded with cubase. :wink: Feel like it needs more panning?


If I were to nitpick, I mostly thought it could benefit from a wider stereo image…more left and right goodness :slight_smile:


Thank you! Gonna improve the stereo ASAP :slight_smile:


Just listened again. The song makes me feel good :slight_smile:
While you’re in there, you bass and kick are competing with each other a bit, making the low end a bit muddy…again, don’t know if they’re separated or not, but if so I’d put a bit more upper attack on the kick and shave a tiny bit of extreme low end from the bass. Compression too, perhaps?


Hi ;),
my first try on AR MKII with my new A(cid)4 MKII. I find these two fine boxes fit very well together…
Patches are self made as I usually do not like to use presets… :stuck_out_tongue:



What is making that sweet growly bass!?!