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A fragment of Dreadbox Nyx LFO-warbling through a grain shifter, the real-time visuals generated with the help of a Critter & Guittari B&W videoscope and Clementine’s visualisations.


Late Night after work…


Nice track :)!


Thank you dude! :slight_smile:


Something I banged out today


piece in three parts called Lemmikloomade Varjupaik


My first and only track. Very experimental.

Analog 4 cv sequencing the MS-20M and MicroBrute


Rich track


This is fantastic!


I havent posted in a while, but Ive been meaning too. I have quite a few things I want to record but you know how that work/life balance gets all fuckered up sometimes. Also, my music sucks so youve been warned.

I also tried to just post a link to my page and let people do whatever, but it somehow posted a specific track? whatever


also, in another post on “Our music”, there’s a videoclip…


This one is a bit silly, but…
Used a crappy radio shack mic and spoke/sang into my pedalboard…recorded into Logic and put into OT for sequencing/mangling


Spooky and hard synthwave/industrial for the halloween season. Gear used: Digitone, Digitakt, Roland D-05.






thanks! Loads more coming very soon. :slight_smile:




Thanks… there will at some point be much longer piece involving the Nyx, an Erebus, SV-1, 0-Coast, an MFB Synth Lite II, Dominion Club, Ms-20, Sh-1 and doubtless some Juno-60 and A4 seguing into a long-form drone. Perhaps not all at once, and maybe even with a video too.


Finally executed an arrangement of sorts that’s more than just concentric loops!
Really excited that it’s something I could possible manage to play live, and that it goes somewhere (and I think it sounds cool too)
Recorded the rytm’s midi out for later precision touchups.


this is for you!:kissing_heart: