Share your tunes


bit of tech house fun :mage:


some new electronic stuff with my brand new digitakt!

i am bad when it comes to genre names, so not sure how to classify it


moody moody moody


Dreary ambient track with some organ-like tones. I’ve been having fun turning field recordings and synth improvisations into pads with the M4L Granulator device lately.


out in 28 Ocotober…proud to be part of this fantastic release:


This is the title track of a 10-track album out on November 19 :slight_smile:


2 Sides of the Coin is our current track we like to share with you. Feel it :wink:


DIgitakt, Digitone, Mo32, guitar, Prophet 8… lots of processing. Anyone else here into Balearic/Slowjam/Cosmic? Ala, Seahawks, Claremont 56 et al?


Very well done!


Weird, sad industrial crap :slight_smile:


lovin’ it. for some reason visions of old 80’s b-boy contests popped into my head. Fresh man.


Yes to all of this. Just yes.


my contribution!
a little ditty made on a dreary day.


Made a tape on the dark trinity + guitar and little vocals… Rytm also got some heat. Recorded directly to tape & camera.




hey Ardoire, i like it! Very nice and dreamy


the usual chip/8bit/noise/dancehall nonsense…


Nice one! I’m actually aiming for something similar but more dub:)


Finished up an album. The Digitakt played a huge role. I used it for all the drums and tracks 1, 3, 5 & 7 were recorded straight from the Digitakt main outs.

I recently got a second hand A4mkI, and I’m planning to spend a lot of time with that after finishing this album.


Cheers - Really digging your stuff too!


Nice ! Not my style but very well made :wink: