Share your tunes


Hey! I just got a Digitone to compliment my MPC Live - I love how you can get lost in it, while sculpting sounds:


Here are a couple of tunes made with Elektron Analog Four mkii and Analog Rytm mkii.



fresh track/jam from digitakt, digitone, minitaur, nyx, 0-coast and oto machines.
Hope you’ll enjoy :slight_smile:


i have some Deep-House for you ;-). have fun!


Simple and repetitive but enjoying the digitone a lot.



Mainly A4 and Octatrack. The Bassline comes from the AK, it’s a 4Bar Loop with conditional trigs, so it’s never really repeating the same way.


Studio sessions Sunday!


Just A4 MKII recorded dry into DAW. Added FX and mixed in Ableton. Just bought the synth… Very creative instrument!


Some tracks from other project. Hope you enjoy them:


Just released these two. Hope you enjoy:


still very new to music production, but I just got ableton and an sh-01a and tried to make a more polished tune on the weekend

edit: I would love any feedback anyone happens to have!


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I’m in love :black_heart: so nice


Thank you so much for your kind words. That really made my day. :kissing_heart:


I’m practicing my liveset for an upcoming gig this weekend and thought I hit record for a little while.
So this video features two recent (and quite different) tracks of mine.
Octatrack does basically everything, Analog four plays additional drums.


Tomorrow we got a day off here, so nothing better to torture the devices ;)…


Happy Wednesday!
It started snowing here in Whistler yesterday and it is getting darker so much earlier… just like this track I finished this weekend:


DELIGHTFUL! Did you send it all to a cassette or something? It’s really nicely wrecked.


Thanks! My 4 track cassette broke down on me, but all my stuff usually comes out pretty damaged in the end :slight_smile:
Both the OT and DT make glitching stuff out pretty easy


Finally released this batch of tracks.

Digitakt is doing all the sequencing and sample work. Samples are from AK or CZ5000. Synths are DSI Evolver, MFB Nanozwerg, Doepfer MS404. Used the Heat a bit. Drums (Tr8) are through the FMR1773. All live to a stereo sum. Made these while or after going through most of William Gibson’s career work.

I’d appreciate the supprt or feedback!