Share your tunes


Nice one!
Two questions - is that Vancouver, BC?
What case is that? I would be super interested to set up something similar.

Thanks in advance.


Luckily I can play live a lot lately. Here are some snippets of my improvisations…

Thanks for listening.


Thanks @RiddimFernandez!!
It is in Provance, France. beautiful place.
and the case is custom made by me.
if fact, I made two of them last year, for my Roland Aira gear, but as I transitioned to elektron,
I use just one case, and its much easier to carry around :slight_smile:


My new Deep House single


Just finished this one off this cold n rainy weekend:


Title of this track is certainly very apt. Nice bass!


Thanks @spikysimon, it makes me very happy that you like it :slight_smile:
anyways, the bass is the most important ingredient, isn’t it?


“Meltdown In The Morning”

Rytm, Volca fm, Octatrack, AK, Moog sub 37.


This is excellent! Spectacular job!


@Ryan Thank you! :pray:


After a 9 year hiatus, my new release is finally available:

For the nerds: it’s made using only Elektron hardware and nothing loops the same twice. Each step is programmed in manually for each pattern before moving on to another one. Then each pattern is arranged as a song, on all four machines. This is why it’s taken me about three years to make.


Tanzbar + Drumatix + DFAM jams …


I’m impressed! The compositions, the sounds, the production and the arrangement are all very well done!
I especially like how all those sounds sit and evolve well together.

Congratulations for your artwork!


Certainly one way to stop getting stuck in the same ol’ 4-bars looping in perpetuity! I’m just listening to the first track and like the way the it keeps on moving forwards, nice.


Thanks! and yes, i got super bored with loop based music so decided on this approach, then started to regret it about a year in but became determined to finish. It’s an insane amount of work so i don’t recommend it! For the new stuff i’m going back to the immediacy of live manipulation but playing with poly rhythms on four machines.



My first jam/track type thing. I reckon it’s alright.


Total noob with the Octatrack so go easy on me! One sliced drum loop, one straight drum beat and 5 tracks of live looping using a bass guitar and some pedals


Not really a tune yet. More one pattern that I’m reasonably happy with, with a different, pared-down “live” setup than I’ve used before. Octatrack into TR-8S (the automatic sidechain seems to work pretty nicely), and out into a Torcido unit, then the Heat. Working towards a kind of distorted, hybrid electro sound…??

Feedback very welcome. This is the first time I’ve tried Ozone (Elements) as well, tell me if the treble is excessive/offensive…


AK +Tanzbar + Digitakt