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Birthday song. Tanzbar + AK. THe tanzbar is taking up one of the AK tracks for drive and filter. CC routed to tanzbar with digitakt.


Dude! That was excellent!


Mainly Octatrack, A4 and a little bit Volca fm.
Hope you enjoy.


Really cool soundscapes going on here. I wish my OT sounded like that :smile:


Thank you Sir, and thanks to the crossfader, scenes and delay mode. :smile:


A massive typhoon struck Japan and I was sent home early from work…


You earned my follow! Really nice work here :slight_smile:


made a little beat this morning, just one pattern on the digitakt, piano loop I put together in ableton, and voice memo of me doing dishes <3


Digitakt (chord samples from the Analog Keys, vox sample, additional clap), Tr8 on rhythm, MS404 on arp, Nanozwerg on lower register.

Anyone know a good home for an EP of this type stuff?


Analog Rhytm and AnalogKeys with stabs of Access Virus - rather bloopy!


sh101, prophet6, sh101, jx3p, g2, rytm, po35 etc…
all triggerclocks und sequencers controlled by machinedrum


Some “Berliner Schule” inspired work:

Gear used: Analog Rytm, Analog Keys, Voyager, Slim Phatty, TX802, Micro Modular.


I figured if I started using rap acapellas in my beats it might make it more cohesive sounding

Made in Ableton, Percussion from Machinedrum


Hi there
It s been a long time since I posted something;) lots of amazing tracks here))
This track was basically a multitracked MD and VirusC into Ableton for some compression and extra effects:


sampled some jazz vinyl, my Novation UltraNova and the Behringer Model D.

here is a new track with some visuals i made entirely on the Digitakt.



My first track on Digitone/Digitakt.


Some really impressive tracks in here! Going to go through as many as I can this afternoon. Here’s something from earlier this year. I remember using some rytm for this, worked in live bass too which I am always meaning to do more often.


So much good stuff to listen to here! This a track I made over the weekend using only the Digitone for a single-box challenge.


Kid Bunka | kiesel |

New Instrumental made entirely on the Elektron Digitakt.

©Kid Bunka 2018


live techno set, created and performed on elektron trinity.
powered by Ravpower battery pack.
recorded on zoom h6