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Bank Holiday Monday and with the kids at school and the missus at work had hee haw to do so a few hours spent on the OT before heading to get the boys.

Picked out a random vinyl - this time “Ol’ Waylon” by Waylong Jennings haha. Think everything came from side A and mostly from “Luckenbach, Texas” I think. I’m terrible for keeping track.

Anyway, quite liked the vibe of this one. Still need to work on scenes and shit and progressions. Anyway, hope someone enjoys:

Edit - listening through, I really need to work on getting rid of some clicks and pops! The last minute is a bit of a mess too ffs…


A track I finished before the summer holidays. Minimal setup: Digitakt for the beats, Circuit for the rest. I made custom patches with the Circuit editor for the bassline and synth. Also minimal arrangment. :slight_smile:





Nice build-up!


|o/ Accccid lines!!!


This one is entirely made on the op-1. I finally just recorded the 4 tape tracks into Ableton, and played a fifth one on top. No further arrangement. Have Fun!


Thank you!


recorded with digitakt


Nice dubby vibe.


Something I recorded into Ableton and am now trying to sequence.


A new one here, swimming with you


Really enjoyed this one.


Here is a track i made with the DIGITAKT.


And here is the raw sketch on the Digitakt.


Nice grooves - catches you from the get go!


A little jam on some hardware, no Elektrons in this one

Jomox and friends