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Some creamy ambient. Enjoy.


Hi there , so this is actually my first reply. This sound was made with rytm+sub 37 also some sampling.


This is a quick play about I did with the Song Oberkorn

I’ll be doing the original version as a demo of the Oberkorn Sequencer but put this together to check the timing of the sequence and the tuning. I though it sounded cool though and would stand by itself as a unique take on the original (if I finish it :slight_smile: )

Sequencing by the Oberkorn on the Nyborg 24, lead is the Fusebox played in by hand as an audio recording. (binning midi so gotta sharpen up the fingers)
Percussion logic Retro drum synth. I’d sequence in some analogue percussion if I finish the song.


I took some of the patterns I’m working with for my rock band and had a Rytm/pedals jam


A track made from some session cuttings, and pieced together. One of those late night outtakes, where I wish I’d recorded some stems! :see_no_evil: Some Prophet 6 and Tempest, (now sold :pensive:), amongst other things. Finished with the Fabfilters! I now have my Digitone and Nord Drum, instead of the Tempest. :japanese_ogre:


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Tanzbar + Analog Keys jam with a bunch of drive(duuu’h) :slight_smile:


Here are some of mine:

I am working on a bunch of new stuff, samples and so forth to spin into an EP and samples packs. Will share as well.


wicked industrial man! I love the Dwarfcraft pedals. The Death by Audio Apocalypse pedal is wild as well.




Banging out synth hooks with the digitone.


“an imaginative journey with lots of jungle and some aliens”


These are the first patterns i’m working on :alien:


This is part of a track in progress. First thing I’ve worked on post-selling-rytm. All Octatrack. It drags out a bit because I was messing with it live but I liked the vibe of this one.


Love the juke bit at the end. I made a ton of shit like that when I was only using a Rytm.


Thanks, Great sounds you have there on Okay


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Hey everybody!

Here’s a track I made a while ago. It’s an edit of a jam I made with an Octatrack doing the drum part, and a Bass Station as the synth, sequenced by, again, the Octatrack. The complex arpeggios made possible by the Octatrack are amazing on a synth like the Bass Station, and with the help of some delay/reverb, I’m quite happy with the track!
Both instruments were recorded on one input of my sound card each and everything has been edited on Ableton.

Hope you like it!


A heavy bass driven hiphop track… learning to the A4 bass to sound good.


Cool man. I dig.