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Posted this in the Digitakt only thread:


I’m guessing that track was a cover of Simon and Garfunkels The Sound of Silence? :smile:


John Cage’s 4’33


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The room tone in this performance is particularly exquisite


nobody knows in advance, haha, it’s all about to keep going))


So thought I’d share some recent ideas. After picking up an A4 again (thanks @Retouch) I sat down to see if I could still remember half the stuff from the umpteen other times I’ve owned an A4/AK/A4mk2. Came up with a couple of “ditties” and as I’m watching the Crytsal Palace - Liverpool match just now took the names from that (very boring naming convention…). Anyway, thought I’d share as put them up on Soundcloud so my mates can check it out anyway.

I also knocked together a mini set of OT stuff. This is VERY rough and needs lots of work on transitions and the likes and more use of scenes and things but I really wanted to knock this down into a file I could listen to on the train as I really like some of the sections and needed to think on how to work on others. Thought I’d share it with you guys in the current state anyway - why the hell not! Starts off with a rough version of a tune I shared before then into some new stuff I worked on when up in Elgin enjoying ridiculously hot Scottish weather.

Not the best and really need to work on levels and things but considering what I used to come up with on the OT, it’s a damn sight better! Now to experiment more with it…

Your setups


Such a cool thread!


I really enjoyed the Octatrack Medley, couldn’t bring myself to click on the Pool(spit!) one though as I have an illogical hatred of the Bin Dipping Victims :smile:


Ha ha! I’ll give them proper names eventually! It’s the track my mates liked the most actually.


here is some “big room” acid techno. I used a toriaz as-1 for the very low one note bass line, tr8s + digitakt for drums, 303 (and eventide space) for the main melody, Nord lead a1 for secondary melody and prophet rev 2 for pads.


Posted it already in the DT hip hop thread, but since this thread seems so active these days, I allow myself to share it here as well :slight_smile: No tune, but six hip hop beats I did recently on the DT.


Nice. You should mix them all to one final tune.


Thanls. Hmm. That would still sound like a mix. They are too different from each other. But I like to do a beattape again with transitions between every beat


Your setup is identical to mine except I have the white keystep and 3d printed my stands for the DT and DN haha. They’re at the same angle though, the ergonomics really make working a dream.

Great beats as well, would love to see a beattape released on soundcloud :slight_smile:


Thanks! Yeah it’s a nice setup. My favourite at the moment for making tracks


I have the same setup for messing with tracks but the keystep on mine will only trigger 1-8 on DT no sound from the DN pfff

Nice tunes


Why that? I recommend to route the midi from the keystep to the digitone as well. The DN really shines with keys. Its possible when you play the miditracks of the digitakt and they have the same channel as digitone. Or even easier with something like the iconnectmidi.


Keystep Out > DT In
DT Out > DN In

Can hear the DT audio tracks 1-8 no problem when playing Keystep but can’t remember how I had it setup last time.