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Did some electronic beats with my Nord Drum 2 and a few guitar pedals for this band:

They are good friends of mine and labelmates, so when they asked me to collaborate on their new album with electronic and acoustic percussion I was so happy! Everything is played through a Roland SPD-SX sending midi to the ND2, so I can use both acoustic and electronic sounds very easily live. Very fun thing to play, too.

Full album is out next August 24, for those interested. And if you like metal, their latest album is called Les Irreals Visions and it’s my favourite album from last year by far.


3 x Techno with my current live setup (Analog Rytm, Digitakt & Modular). Don´t mind the strange account, I ran out of time on my soundcloud account. Link is private but it should work! Any comments and tips to improve are appreciated.


Very nice Sounds here phelios.

A jam from this night. Started by trying out the new DSI Pro2 update (lin. FM) and ended up in balancing to some other gear (Avalon for Bassline, MD for hats, Matrix 1000 for pad, Mbase11 for kick)

enjoy and feeback welcome


Much thanks! Know a good home for it and its sister track?


I’m still a noob here so I didn’t know this thread existed until today… oops. It seems like a better way to post songs than starting a new thread for each one. :slight_smile:

Here’s the most recent song I finished. The setup is shown in the video, but I used a Digitakt and some misc gear controlled by it to compose something which I guess is a cross between a retro chiptune and dance club music. I’d love to hear what people think.

No kittens were harmed in the making of this video.


Latest Noise Study

Audio only


Inspired by Dave Mech´s Video i went into the Woods to Records some Samples for a Drum Kit. I used the Octatrack to mangle and sequence the Sounds i had recorded. I also add the Analog Four and Digitone for some nice Synth Sounds.


little jam :wink:


AK + Digitakt + Tanzbar + Nord Drums 3P

3 track mini album


Live jam vid…


Not a tune by any means but sharing non the less. Quick jam while learning the OT, Used OT, DN and acoustic guitar.


I’ve really been enjoying these ‘studies’. Liked on SC!


Thanks a lot!






Hey fellow Elektronauts! I am really excited to finally share my first finished project “Terminal”

Had to make a decision to put it out there because art is never finished, only abandoned. There’s 6 tracks and the playlist link will play them in the order intended. Feedback would be much appreciated! Enjoy!



any children of the 90s that are as obsessed with Speedball 2 on the Commodore Amiga as I am?
this is for you:


Quick ADD-sketch on the A4/MD