Share your tunes


This one is a favourite of my recent jams - all done on the A4 with a little bit of fx and scenes done with the Octatrack (both MK I’s).


What I’ve learnt so far is I need mixing tips and you are all better mixing than me :flushed:. More songs please




We should collaborate some time, your song gave me ideas!


My latest one, first one with my new AR mk2 and also the first complete track I recorded in quite a while. Confirms my new approach: all hardware, live recording with no overdubs and post edits. What you play is what you get :wink:

Bonus, a golden oldy. Only Machinedrum-UW mk1. One take.

PS: totally agreed, so much talk about stuff, so little about music!




I liked the ambiance much. I think the flow of it needs some work though. It takes very long to pick up pace and the transitions/sequence of elements could be worked out more effectively.


Good. Reminds me of 65 Days of Static. One of my favorite bands.

I found the distortion quite sharp in the highs. My taste would be to take the edge of of that a little.

(edit: maybe I shouldn’t be judging frequency balances, I have a flu and my ear canals are filled with snot)



That was great!

I’ll never be a samplist 'cause I don’t have the patience to meticulously select and dissect like that…


I’ll have dark techno any time :slight_smile:

I was listening on headphones and I had a vague feeling something weird is happening with dynamics. Is there much compression applied by any chance?

PS: I love the Eventide Space, secret weapon to add - well - space to any mix :slight_smile:


i figured as i’ve already posted everything i’ve done since october, i’d post something new. none of them are very good anyways lol.


WOW, lots of amazing tunes posted here!!!
here are two tracks from my side, a bit of ambient =)


A recent one.


There is some sort of pumping done by the Heat yes, but nothing else. I could a use better mixing that’s for sure.
I love the space as well. It really turns any sound into a 3D entity.


so you say, post thrm again!


i like this tune,


Reminds me of my favorite Ben Frost piece, Theory of Machines.


in the spirit of the thread then. as always, i welcome feedback. i think i like these two the most, but i totally lack perspective on which of my track are “better” after finishing them. parameters was the first track i managed to finish. thanks for listening.




both are good, it’s all about being positive!