Share your tunes


some noise to Sunday afternoon


the digitakt screen is perfect for turning it into hypnotic visuals :star_struck:


Great idea for the visuals!


Dug out my old Korg Trinity Plus from the closet. It’s been sitting in there for years! Originally way overpriced and currently very outdated, but I started programming my own patches and it was kinda ok. Using the OT to sequence. First minute or so is just an oddball intro bit before the tune kicks in. Definitely not for everyone :slight_smile:


cool idea


This. Impressive production!


@ t3h Thanks!! We had fun doing it and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s about :wink:


One can only appreciate the focus on the details and aesthetics of this work.


here in this thread is some serious good stuff! like it very much toot and amku

Here i am with two more jams from the last days - enjoy and comment :wink:


Thanks so much for the super kind words!


Hey all, made an little EP using just an Analog RYTM and wanted to share!


Dude these sound sweet.
Really like them - are they released anywhere?


Hey folks I really like this thread!
Super inspiring and interesting to hear what people make.

I’d love to follow everyone here on soundcloud - please post your links to your artist page… I’ve started to follow quite a few already but if we keep it one place that would be sweet… I’m at for those interested in dubby tunes.


Thanks! No, they weren`t released nor sent around as Demos. These are plain recordings of live tinkering with the machines recorded as 2ch. wave file. I gave up arrangements long time ago (but adore people who can craft lively interesting music with clicking boxes in the arranger view on their DAW - i get mad when i do this :slight_smile: )


@RiddimFernandez: Here I am


Worked on this Album with A4, Octa, and RYTM. Brought it into Ablton to mix and master. Doing things a little differently now. More live performance mode and less computer involved.


More sequencing an old 90’s synth with the OT…


unmastered cut from a track I’m working on

not sure if the bass will translate to small speakers at this stage in the mix


Thanks, keep n sharing the :heart:


My Reaktor groove box has reached new heights of groovy. Only a bit of eq and limiting after the jam.

edit for redone 2nd half
2nd edit: even more reworked second half