Share your patches

As the new Transfer version (1.4) makes it easier to share patches to each other, here’s a thread to drop your creation.

It would be a good thing to tell the machine and OS it’s made from.

Please make sure you own the rights to distribute every single patch or sample you share.

@Recycle thanks for the initiative :thup:
And @MattLxx for requesting a dedicated thread :slight_smile:


I prepared a drumkit to load with Transfer v1.4

808 drumkit .dtprj file


Im taking this ! Thank you.

Who is going to post the 909 and 707 ones ? ! :smiley:

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Thanks a lot also for the demo patterns - i like to analyse those in order to learn the machine (and drum patterns) better. Very nice, i hope to discover more such files in the future.

Thanks for making this!

So great that this is possible now, I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of this kind of sharing. Thanks for kicking things off. Haven’t loaded this up yet, I still need to do the firmware update.

Question: where are the 808 samples from? Are they ones you recorded?

Anyone needs an Oberheim DMX?
DMX.dtprj (974.6 KB)


am I the only one who really appreciates these new projects files with demo patterns? :slightly_smiling_face: thanks man!


LinnDrum free download

Wiki info


TR-909 .dtprj file


Do we need to create a new thread for shared project files - with some rules about what can and can’t be included in terms of content?

Or is it something that might be set up in a single browsable shared space - whether an open gdrive directory or (perhaps better) somewhere like


Thanks @LyingDalai!

2 Likes is dedicated to hardware synth patches, seems appropriate :slight_smile:

I’m sure the owner would add sections, as he did for Micromonsta 2 at my request.


Good idea - have dropped him a line to ask!

Any Rytm kits in the works, someone?

I could try but they wouldn’t amount to much:)

For the sake of reciprocity I could try something, maybe something out of the ordinary (a kit with 12 different synth sounds built from free to use/share sample packs?)

I think one area where this thing will make a real difference is in competitions/contests where will be able to set everyone up with the same starting point in a much more straightforward low friction way.

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Thank you, @Recycle!
Those are really fun and besides from learning from it they also make a nice guessing game with the girlfriend. :slight_smile:
Actually I like the 707 samples best.

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Good news. have agreed to set up space for sharing Elektron project files here


Thank you!