Share your live performances

I couldn’t find a thread dedicated to Elektronauts live performances, similar to the Share Your Tunes and Sounds Coming From Your Gear threads. I figured I’d start one since i had some stuff I wanted to share, but didn’t want to own a whole thread.

So feel free to post videos, photos, or recordings of your live gigs!

If there’s another thread already like this, I’ll gladly delete this one.


Aaaand I’ll go first. Haha.

I played at Fractalfest this past weekend in Russell! MA. I did a full hardware set with thr Digitone, Digitakt, Syntakt, Micromonsta2, Faderfox EC4, and iPad/MOTU MK5. I had a prime spot at 8pm Friday night for 1.5 hours and it was amazing. Here’s some rough footage while I await a copy of the entire set.


Here’s my most recent! Sound sources are Syntakt and Blackbox with Octatrack and RMX-1000 on effects 'n such.


I like these two minutes so please be sure to post up a link to the whole thing when it’s available!

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Here’s another short short clip

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here’s my most recent, from a show I played here in LA a few months back-

Elektron Digitakt
Elektron Analog Heat
Roland JP-08
Cyclone TT-303
Waldorf Streichfett
Korg SQ-64
Ableton Live


Sounding good. Great to see you enjoying yourself and dancing around :slight_smile:


Alright, already posted this a few times here but I’m proud, so don’t ask twice! :slight_smile:


listening now (half way thru) and sounding true to yourself :slight_smile: I’m getting more of an electro vibe so far :+1: with a layer of robots gone bad, always love your robot sample selection. :heart:

Always like your artwork too, negative space logos/icons always appeal to me.

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After party in Tinyland Nicht Heute HQ.

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Live on Vertov’s man with the movie camera.

Digitakt, digitone and tr-09.


I would share happily but can’t find the button to post imaginary gigs.

make your own gig, even if your are solo. works the 85% of the time, all the times

I was more thinking about the gigs i make on planet Kzoar in front of an interstellar crowd featuring gigantic light jellyfishes as dancers.
Merch available.

hahaha you remind me of this legend


Thanks Andrew!!! It’s hard to believe I missed this when you posted it what with me being such a sponge for validation and praise. Anyhow I appreciate you taking the time to give a real listen. Just directing the word “electro” toward a set of mine is a massive compliment as that is my favorite of the basic electronic dancey genres. I try to be as electro as possible but without straight up mimicking the old pros. I’m so glad to know that someone has picked up on the vibe. That particular set is a little tuff for me because I played it at two different gigs. The first one (the recording I linked) was not ‘perfect’ (oh boy) and I really thought I’d improve upon it at the second gig. NOPE. Oh well, onward and upward! In other news, I will finally be joining you in the improv techno thread tomorrow :0)

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Very excited to play my first hardware gig tomorrow at this Dublin Modular event:

10hr Live stream of DJs and live acts + Visual Arts. Dublin Modular do a ton of really great stuff for the music scene in Dublin and Ireland. They are super inclusive and generally a really positive vibe – big ups to them!

I’m on at 4pm GMT for 30 minutes using a Digitakt (drums + midi), sp404sx (longer samples) and Circuit Mono Station for bass in a few tracks. Long time since I played a bass guitar in front of an audience, so last minute practice for me tonight :grinning:. I understand the YT will be recorded so I can watch over my mistakes again and again :worried: :grimacing: