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Oh man I have scoliois, this pic touched my heart


Have a great set dude.
Enjoy the moment and see where it takes you.


Thanks… We aren’t going to practice so that’s about all we can do. :slight_smile: 1 1/2 to 2 hour sound healing with folks meditating and whatnot. Plan is to just immerse myself in the moment and hopefully enter a trance like state. Gonna go nice and easy walls of melodic ambient very slowly evolving… My hope is the vibes take over and I just do things that I’ve never done… More about mental state than having anything prepared…



Good luck man! Just kidding around. :wink:



Happy 4/20. I’m sending you all some sunshine by way of tomato cam.


Bandcamp to launch a vinyl service


Get to go rock to these puppies tonight… They sound insanely good, way to big for this room but that’s half the fun, it’s their inaugural welcome to the local scene kickoff… Hennessey sound design… :smiley:


This is great news!


A deep house single with DT and AH. Also, three awesome remixes from friends.



interesting that BC is offering such a service :+1:


I’ve just spent the whole day in the garden…
Th glasshouse had been built 2 weeks ago, it was time to fill it with seeds !


I’m totally exhausted but quite happy of the work done !


This is awesome. One of my favorite movies and l’ve always loved the soundtrack.


Love this! Cant wait to build my own greenhouse!
What plants are you growing?


Tomatoes, squash (delicata, luffa, spaghetti), radish, salad, sweet pepper, coal…
And a few herbs.


This week s office:

Preparing for a show on sunday:


Looks incredible! What an amazing place you’re creating. Where in the world is it?


This is in Amsterdam. It s part of a former monastery. This space had altars all around where the student priests would practice. Can you picture that? :smiley:


Going to share my obligatory first groove on the Octatrack tomorrow… Hopefully try to finish it up before my Digitone arrives in the mail…