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For awhile there I’d wake up in the backseat of my car in a fetal position because it’s not the kind with any room to actually lay down, it’d be snowing out, I’d hope there was enough gas in it to drive in to town and of course get the heater on. I’d go to to the gas station to use the hot water tap and make some Yerba Mate, and then start reading the forum and answering Octatrack questions without a care in the world about how the day would flow to get gas and some food… :joy: Just trusting that if we are one with the infinite universe then you can’t really be anywhere without access to everything that ever was, is, and shall be. Make moves with love and generosity and the universe will bring stuff to you.

I ate everyday and only ran out of gas a few times at the gas station, wouldn’t be long till it would have some in it by some interesting twist of fate, and the day would go on… :smile: I met a lot of interesting people along the way that I never would have met, and gave them my respect and full attention. I gained a much deeper compassion for those without homes (I considered myself home-free instead of homeless) and would round up food at the food banks and drop it off at the park where they like to hang out… Stuff like that… It was good.


Enough about me… (I wish you nauts would talk more to dilute my frequent obsessive posting :joy:)

Check out these musical thingies from @dtr’s amazing artist collective he’s a part of and making that new space a few posts up… Super crazy and elaborate sonic inventions, it’s awesome!


Wow, I was inspired by the link pics alone. I like very much the blending of art and music, as a science. Our local workshop, which comes mostly from grants is the one place that features this sort of thing with experimental artists and is much more inspirational to me as opposed to nightclubs. I guess it has to do with the level of consciousness.


Did i mention most of us studied in the ArtScience interfaculty, which has one leg in the art academy and the other in the conservatory of The Hague?

It was initiated by Dick Raaijmakers - which some might know as Kid Baltan - electronic music pioneer, theater maker, fine artist and all the blends of that. Fascinating person.


Some words in here that resonate.




I found this while going down the youtube rabbit hole.
We have come so far, yet still know little


this is cool to sample some weird sounds and random speech from


Weird, I saw this pop up in my recommendations in the morning today. Seems like the algorithm picked up on a gem for the synth people. :grin:


…indeed :smiley:
it must have been nice to be there and experiment when things were still at the beginning


I will admit…i shed a tear today when Tiger won the Masters. HOLY SHIT that was awesome.

He’s BACK!


This thread is great! Here’s a recent jam I did:


Luv that monotribe!


Yeah, a modern classic.


Absolutely killer show by J Mascis in Shibuya, Tokyo. Loads of old Dinosaur tunes, some of which were reworked into psychedelic delay-drenched jams using a loop pedal. Everything I hoped for and more.


Glad to hear that. I’m an old Dinosaur Jr. fan myself an we used to play some of their songs in our band back in the day and I got to play Mascis’ guitar solos :grinning:


Here’s another sketch from the second album. :slight_smile:
(Don’t worry; the DT’s still in the mix in a big way; this was just done while the mate was out of pocket.)


Some recent photos of a club night.



Soo… My first Octatrack live gig will be a sound healing set at the Ampcoil center tomorrow as part of The Resilience Film festival happening in town. Just going to use it to process guitar and my friend will play synths with lots of fx and a looper, probably some eclectic natural instruments too. He heard me doing some ambient and was like, you have to bring that to my sound healing gig.:grin: Seems like a cosmic opener for my OT getting out of the house…

-The AmpCoil is a modified Doug/Rife coil that plugs into the audio output of your device and has been adapted to generate specific targeted frequencies (PEMFs) in response to your individual body system’s prioritized needs.