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I got into hardware in January. I am hooked





Today I’ve been learning a few agroecology techniques.
And watched this magnificent horse give some power to an old rusty tool.




This past week has been very stressful. Well, actually, the past year has been a little depressing. I recently sold my house (had to). I’ve been packing and moving for nearly a week, and I still have stuff to move on Sunday. And, to make matters worse, I have a cold and an injured knee. Needless to say, I haven’t been making much music lately.

On a positive note, I have a new job that I actually like that is going well. Now all I need is a new place to live. Wish me luck in finding something with in a week. :grinning:


Hard times, moving. I hate it.

Keep in mind it’s only very momentary.


Ant hill x)


Posted this before, but noe ive had it mixed and mastered:

So much interesting and cool stuff in this thread!


I got everything out of my house on Sunday. Now I need to place the stuff in storage. :disappointed:


A friend from my hometown just ran across America. I’ve literally just watched him - Adventure Man - jump into the water. He went from one ocean to the other! Well done lad!

He’s doing the run for sick children across the world. He road his bike from my Bangkok apartment, when I lived there, back home to England. Then set a world record. Then ran across Canada. And now this!

He has chartered everything on YouTube and it is awesome. Extremely inspirational. The moments of despair and agony mixed with the ecstasy and euphoria of pushing the limits and completing seemingly impossible feats.

He’s a funny chap. So I’ll leave this hilarious video here…

Go to Adventure Man and follow his epic journeys. Next up… another world record breaking challenge.


Phew, we’re back…
18 hour Elektronauts withdrawal… :rofl:
I was starting to twitch a little bit… :joy:


I was beginning to think we lost access due to article 13 passing!


Aaaannnndddd… We’re back in action! :smiley:


Dug out the old 4 track :heart_eyes:



Digging back into my old Nord Modular patches – found one I made with a fake PLL triggering an FM voice from the audio in and sent it a basic drum n’ drone track from the Octa.


It’s really good @estragon, makes me want to wake up my Monomachine!!


The architecture is pretty close to the FM machines too! 3OP FM with basic AD envelopes and feedback. Works really well.


Rendering this track for the millionth time! Trying to fill in some of the more boring parts, getting levels right etc…Sharing my frustrations.

It’s a labor of love.


bought the Eventide Equivocate EQ VST off ebay last night… when I went to install it I discovered I already had a full licence on my ilok from 2 years ago that I’d forgot about.

message me and you can have the code. (I think you may need an ilok and you’ll need to create an evintide account)

edit: difficult crowd. Can’t even give away a £100 vst eq?