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Mon fier firepit, in my living room, 8.45 PM, 03.20.19
Nice place to play music :smiley:


The R5 Turbo is insanely cool. I almost bought a white one once. It was the only one that I ever personally saw in the US.

I’ve owned quite a few Porsches, but never got into any real “super cars”. I’ve always found the Porsches (911s in particular) to be a nice middle ground between usable, and excess. (they also used to go for some very good prices around here) It’s been years since I owned one. (four kids) Now that they’re older though, I’ve been looking at 911s again.


here’s what we were playing today, preparing for a gig tomorrow.
In 5 meter, Peđa knows his counting
Drums + triggers -> AR, AS1, also OT and H9 are present


911’s are awesome, would love to have any of them.

Honesty the highest performance car I’ve ever owned is a tastefully modded Mk2 GTI…


I’m sharing a footage from an indie live electronic music event called The Electric Buffet which I helped with the design and organisation of. It was last month in a legendary venue in Oslo. You get to see a fair bit of Elektron action, Lyra8 as well, and the artist’s names if you want to dig deeper. If you are local and interested in the community, or you want to play, just follow the website address from the intro. There’s a group on fb with the same name:) peace!


Nice! I had a very mildly modded ‘84 GTI at one point. (Mainly a new exhaust system and some odds and ends) It was a lot of fun.


This is an excerpt from a sketch (featuring the AR and A4) from October. It’s since turned into something pretty insane. We’re really just waiting to get the AR2’s control inputs working to finish up and record the second album. cheers. :slight_smile:


Good stuff - lovely IDM. I’d be interested to hear the final result.


I’ve been living without a permanent spot for almost a year now, long story, several jobs have just not worked out. Lots of camping or sleeping in my car but also some house sits, couch surfs, and when the job was rollin I was living in hotels up and down the West coast US as it was a traveling job. My studio’s been in storage even when I had the good job as we were gone all the time.

The other day I came to help my friend who runs a professional studio out of his house after running sound for one of his bands the night before. Together we decided to rearrange the entire thing, still working on it, but it’s getting there, and it’s awesome. Been here for days now and yesterday we went and grabbed my OT, AR, electric guitar, and some fx… So now I find myself surrounded by top notch synths, drums, racks of analog gear, all sorts of goodies, and my OT came to play… Pretty sure the good times are about to roll… :smiley:


All the best Mike and hope it’ll work out well for you :smiley:
It is such a privilege to be able to make music with these fine instruments.


Let them knock you around! (the good times) :smiley:


having fun during work


My remix of reggae producer Wrongtom and UK vocal legends The Ragga Twins came out today on Wrongtom’s new remix album on Tru Thoughts records…
Which is a pretty good start to a Friday


I’m learning how to connect a room full of gear using 4 48 channel patch bays and their normal/half normal/thru settings. On top of that using multiple interface’s connected by adat and creating sub mixes where routing needs to done using the multiple interfaces internal mixer programs and the mixes can include direct interface channels, daw channels, or things from the patch bays… My heads exploding… :smile: :smiley:

Edit: 5 48 channel patch bays. :scream_cat::joy:


Always a good feelin’ :rainbow:


Uh Ohhhh… :smile: :smiley:




First weekend with my Digitone has started something I’m really into. Obviously not structured as such, just wanted to get the idea down really. Digitone, Octatrack, Odyssey, Two Voice and Deckards.

Silly title as the stems have been packed off to a friend in Berlin for his input. Digitone sounds so great!


I watched a scorpion having his/her lunch


I’m updating this like its my blog… :joy: I’ll try to lay off, but to to continue the saga, my guitar came out yesterday and I hadn’t seen in near a year. Jammed yesterday, woke up at 4:00am and was jammin by 5. Now we got a call from our friend who cancelled his gig tonight, we’re taking it to town… :smiley:
2 hour improv, Machine, Nord, Guitar… (Octatrack??:thinking:) maybe next time…