SFX-6 joystick replacement

Anyone done this? Looks like an Alps RKJXK122000D, waiting for elektron to confirm. But what about the stick itself? Wouldn’t mind a shorter rubberized cap, like an Xbox. Searching mouser and digikey with no luck. It’s like a 1mm diameter shaft.

Paging @chiasticon - any ideas?

unfortunately no. my repairs were always done with Elektron providing the parts or giving me part numbers. and too long ago to recall/research.

good luck! I’m sure Elektron will help out!

I have a feeling it is a custom part - I was (very kindly!) given a spare one a while back as elektron had a few spares at that time and said they wouldn’t have them forever.

What’s the joystick used in the Modal Argon/Cobalt ?
Probably not exactly the same but there’s a decent chance it could be adapted.

The pots on joysticks are often either 5 or 10 kΩ if i recall correctly. You’d want to match that.

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Confirmed by Elektron, the Alps model mentioned above. $10 at mouser.


Nice. Did you manage to get any info on the shaft?

I didn’t ask about the ‘stick’ itself. Bugged them enough the past two weeks. Mine still in good shape so I’ll continue to use it. The shaft on the joystick assembly is quite short, like 7mm and 1-2mm diameter w/ cylindrical shape. I might look for a solid piece of rubber shaped like a knob or something and creat a mounting hole. Who knows…

If it is a custom part and they are out feel free to hit me up if you ever need one - my old man could probably machine that up…