SFX-6, "H" in corner, repair woes


I’ve owned my SFX-6 forever and in late 2014 I had some problem where it stopped booting with an “H” in the corner. I sent it off to the US repair center in LA aaaaaand… they went dark on me for months. I heard from them once with an update that they were working on it but after 3 months of waiting they sent it back with no amount due to apologize for lack of communication. It was not fixed since the H is still there but somehow turns on and seems to work.

Unfortunately, the joystick broke in shipment back to me. I asked Elektron support about a replacement part but got nowhere with them and out of just massive amounts of frustration I tucked my SFX-6 away in a case and didn’t touch it until today.

So now, the “H” is still in the corner but it works - not sure how long this will last. Some amazing person elsewhere on this forum said the joystick is a standard Alps part available from Mouser so I just ordered one.

Fast forward to now and I’d like to try and get this repaired again, and maybe even get the joystick replaced.

Anyway I guess my questions are these:

  1. What does this H even mean? I think it’s a PSU issue but I’m not certain.
  2. Is that same shop in LA still the Elektron repair place for the US? I’m wary of going through Elektron due to my experiences. I’m hoping they’re a bigger company now and they’ve fixed their issues.

The “H” is some sort of versioning for the machine, if I am not mistaken. Mine has had that “H” shown on screen since I’ve had it. For reference, my MD has a “K” on the same spot.

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Interesting! I must have never noticed it until I was freaking out that it wasn’t working correctly.

One mystery solved after all these years, thank you!

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