Bonjour à tous ,

Je souhaiterais faire une setup totalement hardware enfin presque je garde mon DAW ableton live , mon set up actuel :

  • ableton live + VST + [max for live]
  • [waldorf blofeld
  • microfreak
  • SH 01 A
  • table de mixage presonus studiolive 16

sachant que je projette de d’acheter une BAR AR MK2 , un AF MK2 , octatrack MK2 , un lyra et un virus pour faire de l’ambient , techno .

surtotu j’aimerai faire un setup nomade qui prend pas trop de place dans mon appart et que je peux bouger quand je veux , voir pourquoi parfois en extérieur , quand pensez-vous ?

Honestly, I think that adding all this at once is too much. Take time to explore and thoroughly learn each new instrument, otherwise you risk just scratching the surface on each. Also, for a mobile setup, I would try to go with no more than 2-3 main machines.

PS: if you prefer exchanging in French, there is a French-speaking corner ( Le bistrot francophone) on the forum.

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The forum operates an English only policy to permit moderation. So English only please, the moderators cannot google translate all such posts, so the onus must be on you to do so from now on. Thanks for understanding

This is mainly really for chatting though, not for posting typical forum questions, sharing advice or answering technical questions that others may benefit from. It’s not meant to be represented as a way to operate a two-tier path to tech support.