Setup Help (Basic - My apologies!)


This question is going to seem so basic, and I apologize in advance for this.

I have a Digitakt, which I adore and is the center of my setup. I am using an Arturia Keystep (set to Channel 14) to control everything. Hooked up to the Digitakt are a Behringer Model D, Volca FM, Minilogue, and my computer where I also control 3-4 software synths through Logic with the remaining Midi channels on the Digitakt. It’s a clean setup and works great.

I want to add a Digitone to the setup, as I love the sounds. I want to take full advantage of the Keystep for playing the Digitone plus everything else that I have going on.

Any thoughts on the most efficient way to do this? The only way I can see it really working (in my head) is by simply purchasing a second Keystep and hooking it straight up to the Digitone, but I would rather not do that.

Thank you so much in advance.


if you dont need to sequence the DN with the DT, just connect DT MIDI THRU to DN MIDI IN

Now you can play both DT (and whatever is on its MIDI tracks) and DN with the keystep. You might want to set the auto channels of both boxes to different midi channels though so that you can play them separately. I’m assuming all your other geat is connected to DT MIDI OUT? You didn’t supply a diagram…


Thanks. This is perfectly helpful. Can’t believe I forgot about the MIDI Thru.

Yes, all my other gear is connected using the MIDI Out plus a splitter.


Okay then so it should “just work” :wink: