Serious Problem With Crossfader Transitions Trick


Hello Elektronauts

I own my octavos for 4 months and played 2 gigs with it + recorded some stuff. Basically I was thinking that I am maybe not a pro user, but at least a good student. I was too optimistic probably…

After my last live show I made a summer brake for studio routine and a few days ago I wanted to practice my new live set with MnM and when I tried to make transition between tracks with crossfader, nothing happens… (Flex machine is recording the T8 Master channel but when I am moving crossfader to play a loop it is not playing it or muting?? It is definitely recording because i can see the loop in edit mode and even can save it or play via func+yes)

I said “Okay, I will just go to watch this famous video one more time and repeat all things that Tarekith made ( ), maybe I forgot to set some settings.” I repeated it in exact way (even a order of tracks, his hands position, whatever…) but nothing happened.

I repeated this process a few times but no result. I noticed that I Can not play any recorded loop dynamically even with external gear. It is very strange cuz I played live show with those banks and settings but suddenly this trick stoped to work at all!!

I made everything I could (rebooting, OS Upgrade But MY RECORDED LOOPS SIMPLY DO NOT WANT TO PLAY(((

So here I am at Elektronauts asking your help guys. Maybe some of you can write short (maybe even long) Checklist of setting (Including system settings) for Traditional Crossfader Trick? I don’t know what to do… This trick was a brilliant and was one of the most frequently used function in my workflow and now it’s gone((( If I will not fix it probably I will need to find some external shitty looper or even buy new octatrack (If it is a problem not in my hands). HEEEELP!!111

P.S. This topic could be really helpful because I know a lot of people who had some problems with that trick. Mentioned check list, can save nervous system of many beginners for sure…


To add to the confusion I noticed 2 different videos by Tarekith on the subject offering two different methods… Personally I like the second video better…there are probably even more ways to do it than that…

this trick is on my list to tackle… Maybe later today…good luck…


What exactly are the problems that you encountered? What do you mean with ‘Can not play any recorded loop dynamically’?

If you have any pitch modulation or timestretch going on on the track that plays back the recorded sample that might cut off the playback, because the track can’t play audio thats not there.
So that would be one thing to look into. Check your pitch, rate and lfo settings.

Have you checked the recording buffer in the audio editor? That might give a clue what’s going on.


The second method is more logical and I tried it many times, still no result…


Finally this problem was solved by a very strange way… I changed my flash card on the new one and I have the possibility to play samples by the triggers… WTF???

Okay I jusj twill forget these days of pain…

Thanks a lot for your help in any case!!!