Serious issues with Digitakt tracks 1+2 (barely usable)

Hi All

I am experiencing some issues with tracks 1+2 on my Digitakt

track one plays fine but outputs severely lower than any of the other tracks am having to add +40db of gain in my DAW (Ableton) to get it even monitor able.

Also track 2 simply has a mind of its own. Randomly changing sample whenever it pleases. The only thing constant about when this happens is that the pitch, overdrive, reverb and delay parameters are all maxed out after it happens.

I have no clue to why this could be.

Could anyone shed some light and help me out as am valuable channel down at the moment.

Kind Regards


Are u running overbridge or using audio via sound card into daw.
Windows ?
Mac ?

Does it happen on clean/new project with default samples on tracks ?
Does it happen with no other lead plugged in (only power in and headphones ?)

Is it panned to left and you’ve accidentally plugged audio leads into wrong outputs ?

Are you using loopback midi, or sending midi to your DT?

I had a similar case where the midi tracks were sending LFO and volume changes to track 1. If I touched that midi trig it would change channel 1 settings.

I thought my DT was possessed, but it was just me being forgetful :slight_smile:

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am using over bridge, happening with all leads plugged in each way. All the other sounds are fine apart from these two tracks.

Happens each time I load a new projects with only default samples.

thanks for the reply

I’m not sending any midi that I’m aware of but did accidentally from a midi keyboard once after choosing the wrong midi setup in ableton. Was round about the time when this started happening actually. I’m using different projects tho so unsure how the messages keep being sent to the DT.

Is there a way to stop midi messages coming in or even stop them being sent?

Thanks in advance think this may be the solution as remember pressing keys on a midi keyboard and like yours the DT become possessed. If i can’t find the solution an elektron exorcist is the only option.

Did you check the track volumes?

of course, just unplug the cable :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

no, seriously, just rule out the possible options where the midi is comming from one by one and should find it…

try without usb (ob) connected, then try new ableton project, fiddle with dt midi track settings and so on…