Sequential Prophet X


I have a Prophet X at home
It’s like having a kind of “lighted Octatrack” but this one is polyphonic :heart_eyes::star_struck:


These two tracks are really good Astrolab!

Did you just play them or did you record them and edit them with a DAW? I mean did you really sweat over this, or does it just flow? What really impresses me from this about the PX is the apparent ease that this instrument possesses in producing an interesting, high quality musical creation.


Freakishly cool.


Hi, thank you for your comment! :slight_smile:
I edited the soundcloud files with markers. You can now see when a patch starts and when it ends.
You know, 90% of the factory presets of the PX are… boring as hell. Some are nice, but… they are too smooth, without any asperities, without chaos.

For some patches you can hear in my demos, they are the result of a gentle destruction of the previous patch if you know what i mean :wink:

Take this one:
Patch #01 from 0:00 to 2:30 and after from 2:31 to 3:56: that’s the SAME patch!!!
The Prophet X shines when you destroy everything it gave you :slight_smile: :japanese_ogre::robot::heart_eyes_cat:


My first Bitimbral custom made preset: 2 x 2 samples + 2 x 2 oscillators


such an incredible machine - and your work shows …
I tried one out the other day, and whilst its sound is nothing I look for in my own music, the guy at the store had to kick me out at the end of the day.
it sounds unbelievably hi-fi and the UI seems rather organized given the vast functionality… had I the dosh burning a hole in my pocket and too much time on my hands, I’d be all over this


3,8K €, i am out. But i still want it, really fat patch. I would love this human voice synth sounds in my music. Its like omnisphere, but hands on. I dont think its a bad idea to have real instruments as source, omnisphere has tons of it, and in my opinion is what it makes it good to use. Nobody cant have enough marimbas in their sources folder, or xylophones, or guitar.

How large is the included libary?

If they would make a Tempest with an advanced sequencer, and this engine - i would freak out. Maybe i will be dammned then to cycle to work finally.


I really think the Prophet X is a crazy machine once you don’t use it for “traditional” samples (cause you could use any sampler/rompler instead). For my use, it’s like having a Prophet12 on steroids.

Here is a new custom made preset. That is only 1 patch with tons of modulations + integrated sequencer:


@Astrolab - great sound demos! This thing sounds amazing.

Imagine an elektron take on this. Would be right up my street.


Did you have the P12 before? Did you sell it?


In my opinion, and like I told it earlier in this thread, the Prophet X is like a lighted Octatrack, without a step sequencer, but with polyphony :smiley:


Yes, I had the P12 two years ago. Sold it for a Pro-2 (which is an incredible synth) and then sold it for… i don’t remember :sweat_smile::joy: You know, buying, swaping, changing, selling, re-buying…

I still have my PolyEvolver PE though. Amazing machine, it’s unique (i mean UNIQUE).

Prophet12 is a crazy machine. ProphetX is like having a Prophet12 with samples and x2 because it’s bitimbral :star_struck:



Another great review. It’s too pricey for me but it looks and sounds like a wonderful instrument.

I’d sooner spend the cash on something like this than a Prophet 6 (for example).


So this must be yours?:


Yes, you’re right :wink:


Found your Owls track, really nice ! Let us hear the Prophet X in your context !


So if you were noodling Astrolab, Nick here is more like scribbling. But the PX really helps out here. A flavor of The Revenge of the Sith perhaps?

Does the split really stop the sequencer as Nick says at 4:50 in? Seems like it shouldn’t though perhaps i don’t understand the issues.


Yes, the split function stop the sequencer :frowning: I don’t know if it’s a bug of the early OS but it’s boring. Idem when you switch between Timber 1 and Timber 2: it don’t stop the sequence but you can hear an interruption in the sequence :frowning:

New preset & sequence here :slight_smile:


oh go on and add a snappy beat to this will ya?.. really good stuff mate! you’re doing DSI a massive favor here. I love those patches you do