Sequential Prophet X


Have you ever gigged with a Kronos-sized work station?


I can’t really fault the PX, but neither do I feel like I am the target customer here.

It has more control over sample parameters (start, end, loop, etc) than the Nord Wave, but still not enough for me. As with others, the built in samples don’t interest me much, user samples is where it’s at. And on board sampling. And I don’t care much about analog filters.

The digitakt is much more tempting, even if it only samples in mono. Bad comparison, I know, but I doubt the PX would have me even at half of its price.


Yeah, I would have to agree. The Prophet X is just a Prophet REV2 with a license for some 8DIO sample banks. And browsing a huge sample library, if anything, is a LOT easier on a computer.


No, my 88 keys Kronos would be hard to carry around as a single person. But there are smaller models, there are the great Nord instruments too, and if DSI wants to enter this market, well, why not. There is nothing wrong about it.

I would have loved to see something more innovative, rather then a possible good copy of an instrument concept, which is around for ages.


Yeah what is this? I have a Prophet 08 that I love to bits, and am tempted by the Rev2 upgrade, but who the hell thought this was a good and novel idea? Geez, it’s the wrong parts of the 80’s coming alive again


Haha! Maybe Dave figured that since reviving the analog scene went so well, he’d next have a Rompler revival. :slight_smile:


/I think guys like m’self are the target here. Keyboard players who like DSI, don’t like computahs, for whatever rational or hipster reason>

Speak for yourself. I am a keyboard player and pianist. Have and use DSI instruments and have used ‘computahs’ for music since Opcode Vision.

Its such a strange pairing. Having used 8Dio samples in commercial music to picture projects they are geared towards this area well…but in a keyboard, just don’t see it.


What’s a computah, though? I don’t think I’ve ever used those. I have used computers from time to time, however. And I love my Prophet 6😊


Master Tracks Pro yo! :slight_smile:

Yeah, nothing wrong with 8Dio. I’ve used them too. But I prefer buying the samples as I need them.


Just referring to you saying ‘computah’ in your post dude as i assumed a put down for computers used for music purposes?

Yeah, love my P6 too


Yeah, I know, I’m just being a dick. Sorry😊

And you’re right, I’m also a pianist and a keyboard player and I love what DSI is doing with their boards. The X is not for me, but I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of love for it when it’s out.

But once you’re caught by the Prophet 6, anything that compares after that, is up against some bad odds.


Yep Dave needs a cheaper version without 8DIO called the PX-LE.
A lot of people don’t need the 8DIO content


Indeed. 8Dio is something I associate with stuff that Hans Zimmer would buy.


I am not saying I don’t need this sort of 8DIO content, I do need it very much in my productions.
What I am saying is I have this sort of content already via huge sample libraries.
I am sure that applies to a lot of others also, thus not making the instrument very appealing at that price point.
It would obviously be much better value for people without existing libraries
Oh, and I also have Omnisphere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think this video represents the X well.

No talking.

(Too bad the keyboard doesn’t have Y axis sensing for this player.)


The synth sounds ok but that guys playing technique is unbearable to watch.
Should get Carson or anyone else to demo it.
Crazy they only seem to have this guy showcasing it


Strongly suspect Korg will be entering the keyboard sampling market with a hybrid Prologue Sampling keyboard very shortly


Does anybody know more about the sound-mangling capabilities of the Prophet X sampling engine? The official web-site at DSI says on the specs page:

"2 multi-sampled stereo instruments per voice with editable sample start, sample end, loop size, and loop center, loop on/off, sample reverse, sample stretch, bit-rate reduction, and sample rate reduction"

I wouldn’t call this sample mangling. Compared to the possibilities of a MPC or an OT this seems … well … :frowning:

Is there any kind of sample-chopping available, or some functionality compared to the Korg Wavestation?


also the ob6? :wink:
just tested the prophet rev2 and the ob6 at the superbooth and … would trade my car for the ob6 :smiley:


Both as lovely, for sure😊