Sequential Prophet X


Guess !

It’s less than $1000 and more than $500.

150 gig would be many many of their libraries which sell for $250 - 500 singly which is a medium cost. Plus what is it worth to DSI for these to be included. I say they are central to the sound and define this synth (regardless on whether it appeals to you.) Plus DSI synths other than this are $2000 - $3000. So that’s what i base my useless guess on.

There no doubt is a volume slide off too, and maybe a cap – a million and a half?

ADDED: You can also buy additional 8DIO samples as well and for sure they’ll get a larger cut on these.


I agree, Desktop versions are popular with DSI so i wouldn’t doubt a cost reduced version.


I agree. I can’t see DSI selling the X I’m large quantities. Just too niche and expensive. But I do see a lot of learning or reminded of 8dio.

I hadn’t even come across them until the X was announced. They are Def on my radar now though!


Solid State (Nick) talks to DSI’s Gerry Basserman, who gives a slightly different presentation to this.


Possibly the worst demo I’ve seen of any instrument ever

Word of warning: you will never get these 12 minutes back


lol… still though the machine looks incredible and unfortunately will undoubtedly be waaaay out of my price range.


I thought roland demos were bad but that opening 20 seconds is so bad its spoof like, reminds me a bit of that timber wolf piss take, not a good way to make an expensive synth appealling.


I like Inhalt’s DSI/Sequential demos.


yup just a percentage point or less. or maybe zero dollars per synth sold - and dave just paid them a flat rate. if I was 8DIO (never heard of em) i’d love this all this advertising. many people will be buying their sample packs now, especially those that can’t afford a PX.

i look forward to picking up the behringer clone w/ external and internal resampling, 32+ voices and 8-part multitimbrality, at $499.


I hear their sample packs for Kontakt are quite popular already.

Didn’t know until this week, because I don’t do the soft sampler thing.


With the announcement of omnisphere 2.5 and hardware integration this DSI synth seems to maks less and less sense. Would much more like to see DSI concentrate on pushing their synthesis forward than this 8dio collaboration. Nothing heard so far is selling it.


Some people like to play live and don’t like playing the gig with a computer onstage - for those peeps, Omnisphere is not an option. Or Kontakt.


All videos/demonstrations I’ve seen so far from Superbooth had one common theme:

Shitty is the new good.

I wonder for what all these guys get paid for …


To me the SB demos are about the same as the NAMM and Messe ones I’ve heard - noise from nearby booths, PAs, etc. as well as lots of chatting.

No award-winning productions… yet…


Who are they targeting with this instrument? Seriously, in the best case scenario you get some decent synth sounds and some sample library stuff that is much easier and cheaper to deal with on any computer or a stage piano / rompler. It will not replace any nord stage or whatever people use on stage.


Most people already have incredible sound libraries
Noticed sample playback is only 16 bit as well
Just Omnisphere alone will sound much better than this


Just my two cents … if the price range is about 4k, then I can’t see any advantage to get the Prophet X and not a Kronos or a Motive like instrument for live performance, because those analogue filters don’t make that much of a difference. In a live situation we can always go through some colouring analog outboard gear too, to add more warmth, if needed.


I think guys like m’self are the target here. Keyboard players who like DSI, don’t like computahs, for whatever rational or hipster reason.

And I’m not getting one of these. Ever.


I like my computer.

I just don’t want to bring it to band rehearsal or to gigs.


Wow, you’ve really gotta hand it to Dave Smith for making every single demo I’ve seen suck so badly, that they kill the GAS quicker than bat outa hell. And I love Dave Smith synths.