Sequential Prophet X


If it does it definitely doesn’t have linear FM like the P12, by going off their comparison chart


Off the FM topic There are quite a few short demo videos at the DSI site gezz linked to above.

I like that it has both two wheels and two sliders. And the videos make this look very performance oriented. This synth definitely has got it’s own sound.

How are they doing the bowing in ‘Automelodic’??

ADDED: I should have said two ribbon sensors NOT sliders above.


I just found out that the samples/oscillators can be used as modulation sources, and that they can be cross modulated as well. Also, the filters are SSI FYI.


Oh man, only low pass filters :expressionless:
Should of put the SEM or similar in there
Ah have just seen he has a digital high pass as an effect like the rev2


Here’s a demo done by Paul Dither (never heard of him) that’s ambient and strange. There are others that come after it.

ADDED: I listened to some more of this guys Prophet X SoundCloud samples, and they’re all interesting (to my ears at least.) Does he work for 8DIO?


Paul Dither is Mike Hiegemann a DSI employee – he translates to German for them. Google: Paul Dither Soundcloud – it’s the first hit. There are a ton of Prophet X demos there.


I don’t think Mike is employed by DSI, but he is a forum moderator and very much into Dave’s synths. Thanks Jukka for the links.


My favorite demo so far:

The player is using both hands on the keys, so the ribbons/wheels are probably not being used here. I guess 8Dio’s “deep sampling” tech is their take on the “articulation”: tech used by Yamaha and Korg on their top-end arrangers, allowing the player to trigger variations (articulations) of the multisamples with just velocity and aftertouch.

Prophet VS apparently had only one single-mode filter too - maybe not appealing to synth nerds who love to patch and tweak for days, but probably enough for your Hans Zimmer types who will be buying this thing.

I agree that the price is probably inflated by 8Dio’s involvement - those famous sample producers gotta be paid! - but those who love their samples will probably eat cheap ramen daily for 6 months to save up for it.


I forgot to mention he (Mike/Paul) also does sound design (patches) for DSI. He’s done a great video tutorial for the Rev2 - very extensive and detailed.


Yeah. I was wondering. I thought expression pedal or breath controller or something. I could see the same sort of expression on wind instrument samples too.

There are some really interesting Prophet X demos on the Paul Dither Soundcloud site

I think you're correct about Mike Hiegemann

Mike only says he works for DSI, not that he’s an employee. Poor wording by me. How much translation to German does DSI need? Mike is also an egghead, in the best sense of the word, His blog interviews are interesting too.


I just read on the DSI forum that Mike had/has the Prophet X at home, some of the X patches are his and he is talking about it right now. Interesting …



You know, i’m convinced the Prophet X will have a whole other feel to it if you put it in some one else’s hands for a while. (And especially when people do their own samples.) There is definitely some deeper potential to this synth.


Yeah totally agree. I “cannot” live without my S5000. Got to sample all kitchen utensils, pottery and pans :joy:

As already said before in this threat the “in-build” samples will bore eventually.

It is a pity my order for the Digitone still hasn’t come through yet. With these new announcements I am starting to loose interest (waited for months now). Will be my first Elektron product … I am after the FM engine and am trying to work out the next purchase regarding a hardware sequencer (Cirklon/Pyramid/Octatrack/Schrittmacher).

To much GAS … :grinning: We do live in wonderful times regarding music technology.


Apparently the VS waves are included on the X and Paul/Mike just confirmed the oscillators and instruments can all be modulation sources.

Also the oscillator and instrument pitches are modulation destinations!

Both can also be used to FM the filter.

Wow! Looks like quite some possibilities for 2 operator FM synthesis (perhaps even more).


I noticed some guy over at DSI Forum was asking if the X can do FM.

Somebody (Paul Dithers) answered and i think they said yes, but i couldn't really understand what they said.

The oscillators and instruments can be modulation sources. And oscillator and instrument pitches are modulation destinations. And you can also use both to frequency modulate the filter.

I think this is what Prints was saying above.


Yeah that was me.


Someone (probably me) has turned the echo way up on this forum.


In the modulation matrix, both oscillators and both instruments can be used as a modulation source.

But also the frequency (pitch) of the oscillators and instruments can be independently modulated. I presume from the LFOs, not sure from each other. On DSI instruments the LFOs can go way into the audio range, this could be quite interesting.

If I understand it correctly: an oscillator should be able to modulate the frequency of another oscillator or instrument.

Filter frequency modulation allows you to modulate the filter cutoff using an oscillator. On the DSI Rev2 this is called “Audio mod” - I made some quite interesting FM like patches for the Rev2 like that,


though a simple and not new idea, a truely amazing synth concept. the layer concept is what it makes different from the other sampling options in hardware nowadays… Still i think the announcement of user created samples seemed to not be intended at first… maybe a reaction on every forum, that without user samples the engine wouldnt make sense…
i love this idea, cause touching a dsi or sequential thing is so much hands on and direct… evolver and pro 08 and pro 2 are still for me the best synths i ever touched… now with this option… WOW… if you really go in playing and modulatind this sounds it think it will be really a big deal… damn, i have to save money :slight_smile: