Sequential Prophet X




Its because DSI has teamed up with sample company 8DIO for this synth


There we have it, the specs:



This must be pretty early in development. I can’t see another reason they’re saying: Support for user-created samples is planned for December 2018.

Fifty gigs for importing external sample libraries is OK. The 150 gig of 8DIO libraries are the big thing here.


Yeah, user samples makes this a real killer, just posted one hour ago by DSI:

Gas is burbling …


From DSI:
You can shape the samples through loop manipulation, sample stretching, and the Prophet X’s sound-sculpting modulation functions.

The detail on this is crucial. What’s the UI on this? Using this in performance puts a real stress on the control – beyond what a studio instrument might be.


The detailed specs put it like this (I quote):

“2 multi-sampled stereo instruments per voice with editable sample start, sample end, loop size, and loop center, loop on/off, sample reverse, and sample stretch”

My Akai S5000 can do that … put that doesn’t have the analog filters of course.


The Waldorf Quantum can do that too just for starters, and it’s got the dual analog filters and the digital ones too. And you could buy some 8DIO libraries if you want. Apologies for being a WQ nut case. I like the Prophet X though so far – every synth has got it’s own mystique and essential characteristics.

Of course the WQ is $4300 – and the Prophet X is probably more like $3000?


$3,999 RRP will equate to an outrageous £ asking price. Kinda glad, GAS was creeping on this one but not at that asking price


Yup. That price point shut me up. Halion 6 and iMac Pro will keep me more entertained.


Halion is another temptation so no more chat on that please… :smile:


That’s close to the price of the Waldorf Quantum. There’s an awful lot on the WQ for that.


That unmentionable Steinberg product is ideal in front of a synth like the Prophet X when you’re able to do your own custom samples.


My Prophet 6 was never worried.


I’m used to recording samples into my EPS and mangling…Halion 6 is like that mate. Setup your midi controller and mangle away. There’s still a lot to learn but the whole act of recording and mangling with mouse / knobs/ and midi Keys feels like home.

Wait for it to go on sale and pounce. Yes I hate the e licenser but if you like recording on the fly or throwing in your own user created waves. Halion 6 will do it. The presets are great for tweaking too.

Kontakt 5 is great for bread and butter sounds but Halion 6 is asking to eat your samples. :slight_smile:


No FM? And that price?
No go
P12 is the go


Off hand i can’t even see some trick to get an FM voice on the Prophet X either.




Are you sure that the oscillators and/or samples can’t be used as modulation sources? I was waiting to find out more about that.


Not sure. It’s not mention in the description, but maybe in the small print. Is there a manual?