Sequential Prophet X


I love my tempest, he is absolutly awesome, i did not expierienced any bug. The interface is super. I love my P12 desktop also, its really good sounding. I think they do awesome stuff at DSI. I wish they would improve their sequencers.


Looking at the blurry pic, it looks different enough from the p12. For example, It doesn’t appear to have the character or feedback section. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m feeling pretty relieved that this isn’t a Prophet 12 Rev2, mainly because I just purchased a brand new P12 Keyboard yesterday.


Yeah I was about to purchase a P12 myself
Will hold out now to hear more details of this new beast


I hope they make a real knobby rack mountable module version.


Yeah definately, hopefully not like the P12 desktop


Are we talking about DSI or Elektron here :thinking: :joy:


I analysed the picture a bit and based on the top labels it won’t feature an audio input. so no direct sampling. The top labels are exactly the same as on the rev2. It will however support dual timbres. It has two stereo outputs. I wonder if you can load samples via the USB input.

The sections on the bottom from left to right:

  • Quad LFO
  • Dual sample with OLED display to select the samples
  • Dual oscillators (I think the same as in rev2, it supports saw, triangle, square and a mixture)
  • Mixer for mixing the two samples and two oscillators
  • Highpess filter
  • Lowpass filter with dedicated envelope
  • Amp with dedicated envelope

And on the top:

  • Modulation?
  • Arp/Sequencer?
  • Patch selection/main display
  • Dual effects with dedicated OLED display
  • Dual modulation envelopes


I’m curious if there will be MPE support on either or both sides of this synth. It would be great to pair my Linnstrument with the sampled “real” instrument and the synth side.


Still waiting for the Linn Drum II


In defense of the P12 desktop, its true what people say: The UI is absolutely genius. The lack of knobs really doesn’t get in the way - you can really fly on it.

The P12 does have some bugs, and its true that DSI doesn’t seem to care. But for the most part, the bugs don’t get in the way of making absolutely, ridiculously amazing sounds on it. Can’t speak for the Tempest, though. I know some people are pretty upset about that one…


Yes it’s amazing how good the P12 desktop UI is, considering the lack of knobs. Great design.
Still hope though that they adopt their knobby desktop format, as seen in all their other synths


Man I just spit out my soda


8DIO the sample library company that Dave Smith has teamed up with for this synth are one one of the best in the industry


Well @JohntheSavage , if there’s one person here who’s earned the right to assess DSI’s bona fides, it’s you.

To everyone else: The X looks intriguing but caveat emptor.

For those who don’t know: @JohntheSavage lead the charge to keep DSI honest over the Tempest firmware debacle as long as possible and is a big reason a number of us ended up deciding the machine was worth keeping.

As much as I admire Dave & co’s creativity, the lack of genuine contrition about that episode makes me wary of being a victim of laissez-faire atttitudes to their n-1 generation of instruments.


There’s skeletons in everyone’s closets.
We don’t have to look too far around here to see that.
Pick your poison


Seems significant that DSI has tatooed 8DIO so prominently on this box. That’s beyond the normal “Thank Yous” in the front of the manual sort of thing. And you can hear it too – their sound is front and center in the demo. That seems to be definitional to this synth.

Thank you Psyclone001 – and good to link in 8DIO.
Would it bother you if there’s no FM with this synth? :joy:


I wouldn’t buy it it if it has no FM. I never do.
And no smiley emoji as I am not joking


I will only buy if it has an FM tuner it can sample from


Teaser sounds bit cheesy…but this could be closest thing to a hardware omnisphere 2 yet. Yet without FM and user samples loading it maybe misses the point. Hats off to dsi for pushing out of comfort zone though. 8Dio are a great sample audio house but not sure such a prominant emphasis on existing commercial samples is a good thing? Time will tell with more info.


Is there a reason everyone is thinking samples and not physical modeling on this one?