Sequential Prophet X


What’s this???

I suppose this will be dropping at Superbooth

Superbooth 18
Superbooth 18

Sounds good !
Like someone said on : Capture


It looks like 4 osc with 2 DCOs, 2 Sample Oscillators(Instrument 1 and instrument 2), effects section, analog filter(would love if the OB6 filter was in there), 16 voices. And loads of modulation options hopefully. Good stuff.


The moment you announce you are ITB and this thread starts…:joy:


I like the way DSI did the teaser video. If you were like me you started to watch and thought – piano sample synth … from DSI? … kinda boring … wait wait what’s going on? … whoa!


Nice, another overpriced digital synth with loads of bugs which will never be fixed because they are busy developing the next synth.


…as opposed to the cheap digital synths with zero bugs that satisfy 95% of users.


Low-res photo taken from GS. If this isn’t supposed to be up, please, mods, let me know and I’d be happy to pull it. Pretty snazzy looking synth though :heart_eyes:


Bet this comes in around $2500-$2900 and it’s going to steal a lot of would be Quantum buyers…


Three small OLED? screens. Interesting approach rather than one larger screen; spread the display data out to the relevent parts of the synth.


Whoa! I was just expecting another, slightly different sounding synthesizer- but that teaser actually really intrigued me!

Keeping an eye out for that one!


Yep- this was my reaction entirely


It’s also a sampler!


No the article is just guessing it could be a sampler ::slight_smile:


My guess is a rompler + curtis filters.
Im curious.


Looks amazing
DSI is killing it
Hopefully desktop also


This comment is likely to garner some backlash from those with short memories, but DSI has more than earned this contempt, so ya… Hear! Hear!



The Pro 2, and Prophet 12 are both real slick. I’ve been fiending for the P12 for months now. I guess people are still sore about the Tempest?


Well, the Tempest was certainly the tell-all example of how DSI handles product development and public relations; but in truth, all of their boxes have longstanding bugs, and if history is any guide, many of those bugs will persist until the product is discontinued.

I suppose it depends on how close you look and whether or not said bugs impede your workflow, but it’s worth the warning.



Hoping this thing is like a turbo charged P12